12th passing exam is just an exam, not an interview on Judgment Day

“Your class 12 result will decide your career,” this is the commonest false advice given by the parents to their young armed warriors. What is the relation between the student’s life and the mark? Can you let your life depend on a piece of paper? I hope you won’t. If you ask them back for who told them that class 12 result will decide one’s career, it will be an answerless question. It just pops out from this society and we follow it blindly.
Are you so stupid to let 3 hours decide your whole life? Most of the parents are like, “If you score more in science, you will go in science stream and if in English, you will go in literature.” What if by any chance, if the one who checked your paper was in a blooming mood and he gave solid marks for most of your answers? All this focus on marks can really take you to hell.
What is so big about class 12 exam? It’s same as all other class’ exams. Don’t just throw away what you want just because of the issue of marks. Your heart must decide what you want to become in life not the 3 hours’ test result.
To get to the whole, what are those jobs which really need class 10 and 12 marks? Only those small jobs seek these fables. Do you really need class 12 mark to be a great scientist, an IAS officer, a big business man, so on? Not at all. All you need is the knowledge. Marks and knowledge stands on opposite poles. Parents try to inspire you by telling that you can get 90%, 95% and so on. It won’t inspire you but upgrade your mental pressure.
Because the system is all over the shop, you go for 4 times revision just to get good marks but not to learn. What so hard in getting done with only one revision and instead of the remaining three, you get go for other coaching to learn new things. Do you know why you don’t want to learn? Because you are not competing yourself but some other else. Can you tell the story of a movie if you watch 5 to 6 times? Same as that you will do well in exam no doubt because u have watch 4 times.
Most of the parents are inspiring you, not because they want you to learn but for the sake of their reputation amongst their pair groups. You are being played by your parents, seems inspiring but degrading your true self. What makes you happy the most? Or your passion. Never lose it, because at the end of the day that is the only thing which will make you smile. Don’t let your passion killed by some external force or tends, don’t let marks put a price tag of your success.
Certificates are just a piece of papers; it can never be your definition. You only can define yourself. Because of all these pressures, you are forced to think too much. Do you know the greatest disadvantage of thinking too much? It lets fear come in, it kills your confidence and it may make you fail. The best is, don’t think, just do it.
It is again more painful to see people appearing AIPMT, JEE MAINS, so on just because everyone does so. You are supposed to do what you want not what the marks want. You are not a price tag in this social market, you are an individual. The competitive feelings are at the apex making their back-ups use unfair means; buying question paper. To tell you the truth, class 12 exam is just a test, that’s not an interview on judgement day.
Because of the ugly social affairs, some are so depressed when they could not cross the hurdle. Due to the setting of mentality in their minds that it’s a life judging point, some feels that they cross the biggest hurdle in their life and tries to settle by getting married. Proof is that of the number of students getting eloped on the last day of exam.
Life is not a race that you need to compete with someone, it’s just a journey and you need to spend the most of it. Class 12 exams are not supposed to viewed from the perspective of testing who is the most talent man in the country, it’s just a test to test yourself for how far you have reach in the level of understanding. Then, when you get low marks, it will inspire you to work harder and when you get high marks, it will give you the pure happiness.
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4 Responses to "12th passing exam is just an exam, not an interview on Judgment Day"

  1. syed saleh   February 23, 2016 at 11:08 pm

    i realy happy n so much encourage me in my life..i’m so much satisfy n feel gud.

    • birkarnal   February 24, 2016 at 5:08 pm

      I m really happy to hear that.

  2. Giftson   February 27, 2016 at 10:50 am

    This thought is the best thought above all powerful speech.Hats off to you…….#Birkanelzelzit

    • birkarnal   February 29, 2016 at 4:07 pm

      Thank u so much!!!


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