Mere Mirages

Good deeds! Good ideas! Good adventure!
All these bring forth the gain to people and peoples,
But all these are mere mirages.

Taken these all as the most, with no rival,
Man creates them, but not by angels!
All that exalts in the limitless civilization.

All these are his fruits, for his limitless
Knowledge, wisdom and all these,
But will perish all his vain,
Power when he, God wish it;
Nor more earth! Prides, crowns, gentries,
All will go down and down.

Beyond the world’s sight, there will
Come the day of Judgement, resurrection,
All will have destinations as of theirs.

God shalt appear before them;
Will be no more rememberance to earth!
Will be no more gentry!
Shall bow their pride heads to Him!
Pride of kingship no more continue!