About Manipur and Kashmir


Kind attention to Apunba lup members. This is just to remind you to kindly watch, remember and learn from those movements that happened in Manipur in the past and the hottest issues presently burning in Kashmir. Being the largest social organisation of the State the members must be closely watching the minute to minute changes in Kashmir as citizens of India. Without repeating in this letter all Manipuris have seen, known what the lup have done for human beings and the right to life. Please focus your full attention towards Kashmir by reading newspapers, Iistening to news channels covering minute to minute changes in Kashmir. Compare now what all you have done and what they are doing for those more than hundred lives lost recently. One vivid example is you went to Delhi when your demands were not considered. Some senior citizens also went to meet Central leaders in connection with those demands. Now leaders of all political parties are being compelled to go to Kashmir and meet concerned people who are behind the movement.

If one word is to be mentioned from their interviews it will be “ACTION NOT WORDS”. They like ACTION not decorative words and false commitments with crocodile’s tear. The issues may be different but spirit is the QUESTION. Those irreparable damages of human beings in Manipur cannot be recovered again. Second one is that MONEY cannot play any role in the present crisis of Kashmir. If any honourable members of Apunba lup would like to comment kindly let our citizens know through local papers.

Yours faithfully,
Birjit Angomcha, Imphal.