CDSU demands apology from Mami director

IMPHAL, Aug 2: Strongly deploring the production, telecasting/broadcasting and marketing of Mami (The Image), an A-rated film, produced by Nongja Film Productions and directed by Jitendra Ningomba, the Churachandpur District Students Union (CDSU) has demanded apology to the people of Churachandpur from the director for tarnishing the image of Churachandpur through the film. “The Union condemned – in the strongest term – the selling of the obscene films, in which some girls are physically and sexually exploited, much to the chagrin of the local populace of Churachandpur,” said a statement issued by Pumkhanlian, secretary of Information and publicity wing, CDSU.

What is equally deplorable is that one of the actresses of the infamous film systematically mentioned her make-believe home-town as “Churachandpur” as some of them wear tribals’ traditional shawls, which indeed, is blasphemous to the people of Churachandpur and the land, it added’

“Ipso facto, Director of the said film, Mr Jitendra Ningomba is requested to tender apology to the people of Churachandpur as it is a case of sell-out as it tarnishes the image of Churachandpur, the obnoxious film which the Union has unconditionally banned in the District,” the CDSU stated.

In its call for strong determination not to spoil the hearts and minds of GenNext, CDSU further urged all the Film Directors/Producers/Distributors not to shoot any motion picture (s) in Churachandpur district without prior acknowledgment of CDSU hereafter as productions of such films can cause wedge and misunderstandings between communities in our multi-cultural society.