What type of Fort Kangla is ?


The Red fort of Delhi and Agra Fort in India are valuable historical Forts. More than one thousand visitors not only from India but from abroad also use to visit these forts daily. Visitors are allowed to enter the Forts within the given time and there is no chance to enter there beyond the given time. There is no big way in the middle of these forts though there are enough passages inside the forts. Inside the forts on foot visitors can see freely. No vehicle is allowed inside the forts. Even the President and Prime Minister of India have to follow the visiting rules of the Forts. Visitors respect the visiting rules. With reference to these view points I would like to come to “Kangla Fort” The people of Manipur have been taking “Kangla” as a sacred place since time immemorial. Assam Rifle left “Kangla” in the year 2004 and since then the Government of Manipur started to know it in the name of “Kangla Fort”. If it is a fort, a question arises to “ What type of fort is Kangla?” The Rules of the above mentioned forts of India and the rules of Kangla Fort are entirely different. Vehicles of V.I.P. and security vehicles are moving freely in high speed through’ “Kangla Fort”. Visitors need to take care of the moving vehicles. It is allowed to enjoy walking inside “Kangla Fort”. These things were not happening when “Kangla” was occupied by Assam Rifle. We the people of Manipur were satisfied fully when Assam Rifle left Kangla Is present position of Kangla the expectation of the people of Manipur? Is it credit for those specially womenfolk who struggled for Kangla.

Yours faithfully, Ahanthem Irabot Meetei Khurai Sajor Thoidingjam Leikai, Imphal