IMPHAL, Feb 27 : Stating their position on the upcoming Assembly election, the United Naga Council has asserted that the Naga people will oppose Chief Minister O Ibobi and the MPCC and added that the Naga People’s Front will be the bandwagon on which all the Nagas in Manipur will face the Assembly election.

The present paper attempts to look into the various rites and ceremonies by which Zeliangrong society marks the physiological phases of human life and all its crises and transitions. These rites and ceremonies are mainly concerned with securing the active help of the God and passive for bearable of the malignant spirits, so as to ensure the safety and wellbeing of the individual and his family at the different turning points in his life cycle. They are also public and collective occasions which emphasize the relations of mutual harmony and solidarity between the individual and society and the dependence of the former on the latter.

Formidable issues against the backdrop of electioneering in Manipur are the controversial Framework Agreement (FA) signed on 3rd August 2015; the indefinite economic blockade on the two lifelines of the people against the creation of seven new districts; and the 15 long years of alleged corruption by the Congress.

Unlike numerous other nations that chalked up independence from colonial rule, our nation India prides on being a democratic republic country regardless of its size and diversity. As a nation which upholds representative democracy, Indian constitution under article 326 gages the citizens who are not less than 18 years of age to be eligible as a voter in legislative assembly election. Owing to this fact, citizens of India on the basis of adult suffrage elect representatives quinquennially. And as our state Manipur brace up for yet another legislative assembly election, time has come for us to buckle up our aura of political caliber as we cherry-pick the best and esteemable candidate who can frame laws and policies on our behalf.

Foundation Day held

Bishnupur: With a view to appreciate the diverse communities of Manipur which have been present since time immemorial, 173th settlement day of Chothe tribes residing in Lamlang Hupi Chothe under Bishnupur Municipal Council ward no 12 was held today.