The Child is Father of the Man (Wordsworth, My heart Leaps Up). Whatever Wordsworth meant, I take it to mean that the true nature of a person does not change with time. True, but the clever child will grow smarter. Modern children are definitely smarter than their parents. I don’t mean more genetically intelligent, but having better ability to do creative work, to make and invent things. They can adapt to a far more complicated world.

These days religious-men, spiritualists, agnostics, atheists, scientists and even fundamentalists talk about “peace”. But what exactly it is? Nobody knows. Socrates once said, “if you don’t have a word to describe something, then how can you think about it? If we go by the dictionary meaning of ‘peace’: 1. it is a situation or a period of time in which there is no violence or war;2 the state of being calm and quite; 3 the state of living amicably without feud and argument etc.

Swift justice always sounds like an oxymoron in a judicial system like ours which is comparable to a thengoo lamjel. Justice is always delayed for reasons best known to those who belong to the judicial fraternity. The trial for the infamous Phaknung gang rape incident of 14th April finally began on 28th April which was right after two weeks. But as predictable it will perhaps go on for another two-three weeks/months/years or even more.

All of us are concerned about health and wellness. Educated people are more aware of health while there is lack of awareness amongst masses in rural areas. Due to lack of awareness the health scenario in the country is not very good in comparison with some other developed countries. In this regard many terms are being used by us and one of such term is ‘public health.’

Suspected underground militants triggered a low intensity Improvised Explosive Device (IED) near the temporary BSF post at Nongren Chenjel under Lamlai police station, Imphal East district this morning at around 7.

The Zeliangrong Youth Front has urged the State Government to prioritize the plan of re-introducing Manipur State Transport (MST) and to revive passenger services, conveyed a press release issued today by the president of the organisation.

Acting on credible information about the movement of drug peddlers at Kwakta area, a team of Bishnupur district police commando conducted frisking and checking at Kwakta Pangal Lamkhai area and arrested a drug peddler on April 27.

National Students Union of India (NSUI) Manipur has demanded the removal and correction of distorted facts and history about Manipur printed in an NCERT class V textbook published by Macmillan Publishers India Ltd, Mumbai.
Speaking to media persons at the Union’s office at Congress Bhavan today, NSUI Manipur State president P Bankimchandra said that the book described Manipur being created when Mahadeva and Durga danced on the hills and strongly warned that such distorted facts would spread false knowledge and information to the students who read these books. He urged the Education Minister to take up every necessary steps to erase the baseless and false information from the textbook.

Bishnupur: The office bearers of United Villages And Clubs’ Organisation (UVACO), Nambol for 2017 term were elected today at Nambol Municipality Community hall in the presence of AMUCO president Ph Devan, AMUCO, Bishnupur district president L Ranjit and organisation secretary of AMUCO L Thoithoi, conveyed a press release issued by president of UVACO, Nambol
Among the executives selected for the office, Y Ningthemjao Singh has been elected as president, Higine Haokip, M Ramchandra Singh, Th Beikul Singh, H Shamu were elected as vice-presidents, S Dhanabir Meitei as secretary general.