Will Gaikhangams exit disintegrate Manipur ?


On being re-elected as MPCC President, Shri Gaikhangam has been making tall claim in the felicitation programmes given to him which was reported in your esteemed paper that he is the champion for the cause of Manipur integrity and that in his hand Manipur is safe etc. I am inclined to respond and pose a few questions to him. Does he imply that Manipur was unsafe before Gaikhangam came into the political scene? And after his exit the State will disintegrate? Or does he think that the people of Manipur are fools to take his claim at face value? Does he think that the people of Manipur have such a short memory as to forget that he is one of the signatories of a MEMORANDUM submitted to the Government of India with other Naga leaders for causing Naga integration?

In his being re-elected as President, MPCC, Gaikhangam claims that the Congress party leaders in Manipur do not support him for re-electing him as MPCC President and it was only at the instance and by the wishes of Smt. Sonia Gandhi, AICC President that he has been re-elected. In a democracy a leader remains in power and retains his status only as long as he enjoys the confidence and support of the people and not otherwise. If Gaikhangam does not have the support and confidence of his own party men, the proper thing for him to 40 would be to relinquish his post if he believes in democracy. To remain would be immoral, unethical and shameful without dignity.

At this present juncture in Manipur, we do not desire or need a leader who says one thing and does something else creating more suspicion and misunderstanding amongst the hill and valley people of Manipur. If Gaikhangam has nothing better to say except to harp on territorial integrity of Manipur every time, let him please shut up. Gaikhangam must understand that the people of Manipur are not stupid and cannot be taken for a ride.

Yours faithfully,
Adim Pamei, Social Worker, Nungba.