Molestation Of Momoko Condemnations pour in

IMPHAL, Dec 20 : The All Manipur United Clubs’ Organisation (AMUCO) has come out strongly against the act of physically assaulting and molesting film actress Momoko by NSCN-IM’s Lt Col Living-stone at Maha High School ground, Chandel district headquarters on December 18.

It was one of the most dastardly criminal acts, AMUCO remarked in a press release.

Those police personnel who only stood by when the actress was molested and when Livingstone opened fire at two other artistes do not deserve their uniform. There is no point in deploying Indian military in the State if they should act as B-team of NSCN-IM.

It is childish on the part of NSCN-IM leadership to act ignorant or unaware of the excesses committed by its rogue cadres in Manipur.

Pointing out that the people of Manipur have not yet forgotten the gruesome murder of Kasom Khullen SDO Dr Thingnam Kishan and his two subordinate staff, AMUCO warned that the recent case of molesting a film actress by NSCN-IM cadre had the potential to ignite communal confrontation in the State.

Lunatic activities of NSCN-IM continue to pose as serious impediments to the sustained efforts of AMUCO to bring harmony among different communities of Manipur.

Given the hurt sentiment of the people, the Government of Manipur should act immediately and show that it is not under NSCN-IM.

At the same time, AMUCO has appreciated and hailed all the people of Chandel who opposed and condemned the bestial criminal act.

In case of any untoward incidents resulting from the bestial, NSCN-IM should bear the primary responsibility. The Government of Manipur should also be held accountable for its failure to enforce its own laws.

AMUCO would put in its best efforts to calm down the people. But its efforts may not be enough if NSCN-IM and the Government of Manipur do not play their respective parts in order to address the people’s sentiment.

Naga people too should condemn such reprehensible criminal acts.

It was not a crime against a single individual but against all Manipuri women, it asserted.

Taking serious note of the merciless assault on Momoco and life attempts on Guna and Prakash, the United Committee Manipur (UCM) has stated that the incident ought to be condemned by all the people cutting across communities or ethnicity.

If the accused is really a cadre of NSCN-IM, the outfit must award exemplary punishment to its rogue cadre.

It was not the first time the particular group under peace process with the Government of India indulged in all kinds of criminal activities in Manipur where neither the cease fire pact nor the ground rules are applicable.

Both the Government of India and Government of Manipur are responsible for all the criminal and subversive activities carried out by NSCN-IM in Manipur, UCM asserted.

The Government of India has gained full expertise in converting political conflicts and into ethnic contradictions thereby not only destroying unity but also creating animosity and confrontation among the indigenous people.

All the people of the region need to ponder on this aspect of the Government of India and take a firm, collective position against such divide and rule policy. Demanding exemplary punishment for the accused involved in the December 18 outrage, UCM appealed to all the people to remain calm.

However, in case of outbreak of any untoward incident because of the criminal act, both the Government of India and Government of Manipur should be held responsible.

Meanwhile, National Identity Protection Committee (NIPCO) has decried the assault on actors and artistes as a bestial criminal act. NIPCO also questioned the intention, motive and morality of the NSCN-IM cadre.

The Government of India and Government of Manipur have been indirectly supporting NSCN-IM cadres to commit all kinds of excesses by allowing them free movement within the territory of Manipur, it alleged.

The Women Action for Development (WAD) has also condemned the outrage in the strongest term.

Nevertheless, it appreciated the Deputy Chief Minister’s statement given on the floor of the House that orders have been issued to arrest the culprit at any cost.

It also condemned the security personnel who were present at the musical concert but remained mute when the outrage happened.