UNC asks Nagas to be ready

IMPHAL, Dec 30 : Apart from acknowledging the co-operation of the public during the 72 hour bandh , the United Naga Council has urged the Naga people to be on the ready in the coming days.

The 72 hour bandh came into effect from midnight of December 26 and ended at midnight of December 29.

As made public earlier, the bandh had been called in Naga areas to register protest against the alleged attacks on Nagas in the Imphal valley starting from the midnight of December 21 and to reiterate the political position of the Nagas for immediate intervention of the Government of India(GoI) with an Alternative Arrangement outside the Government of Manipur, pending a final settlement of the Indo-Naga issue.

The same measure of involvement and participation of the general Naga public would be indispensable for sustaining the people’s movement till the aspiration is realised, said the UNC further.

“Given the situation that is being created by those who do not wish well of the Nagas and their aspirations, our rights have to be fought for in greater intensity through peaceful and democratic means. The Naga public is therefore informed to be in constant readiness for united engagements in the coming days,” said a press release issued by the UNC.