Mr Suresh Kalmadi, what was your mistake ?


This is for Mr Suresh Kalmadi President lOA, Chairman OC CWG Delhi, MP (Cong) who is completely away from TV camera of news channels. You tried your level best to defend yourself from different charges in connection with the irregulaliities, misappropriations, corruptions from many mediapersons, MPs, Ministers of different parties even in the Parliament. Almost Congress leaders had very tough time to protect Mr Kalmadi a permanent lOA HERO in the Lok Sabha to safe the image of their party MP. The ten crore bridge was too weak to hold the whole weight of Olympic permanent President.

The false shelling was too heavy and fell timely before games. You are one of the persons who say something and do something. Instructions were issued from lOA to state associations that office bearers cannot be elected consecutively for three terms. But you are holding your post against that. You have been doing biggest business in games and sports of the country and become rich. Conduct of National Games is one very good source of your income which is known to many persons who are associated with the game but there were nobody to hear complaints and reports because Kalmadi is pet MP of high command. The TV channels of the country were very very busy to cover the process of CWG DELHI for the last two months. The TV channels have become very active after the collapse of ten crore bridge.

This shows that BHARAT MATA wishes to expose all facts which were kept hidden by the party of Kalmadi. Except GOD exposing of truth/facts has become impossible in this democratic country where money power rules. Most surprise is that there is no action against CWG HERO.

Sacking two officials who were under Kalmadi as scape goat could help him for some days. Over and above the series of mistakes which were repeatedly exposed in all TV channels of the nations the present reactions of the participating countries to the conduct of the games is very serious. Not only Kalmadi hundred crore Indians should sack persons like Kalmadi who destroys the image of country and sports. The last blunder is you did not come to Manipur for training before you start all those dangerous activities of misappropriation, corruption, etc from experts who never get punishments even after doing the same illegal activities repeatedly for years.

You can try again those activities in Manipur if you come out from the present worst position for welfare of your friends of Manipur and to recover your losses if any. Manipur is one of the safest States for all those corruption, misappropriation activities, no TV channels of the world will come to cover any such activities, no CBI will reach here, no Central vigilance team can come, no MP or Minister will disturb you, Indian Parliament has forgotten Manipur. MANIPUR IS SAFE FOR YOU !

Yours faithfully,
Bhimi Shimray