3 century-old Meitei burial ground found in Tendongyang

Courtesy TOI
IMPHAL, Feb 28 : A burial spot from around three centuries ago – containing many relics, including pots filled with human skeletal remains, ornaments and Chinese clay structures – has been unearthed at Tendongyang area of Imphal West.
Archaeologists said initial signs indicate the artefacts are from the 18th or 19th century and that Meitei rituals were followed during the burial.
The discovery was made while excavation was being done for setting up a Government interstate truck terminus. Samples have been collected from the site and will be sent to Florida for different laboratory tests like carbon dating for ascertaining their exact age, archaeologists said.
There is a possibility that the site could be part of a bigger graveyard, they added. Following the discovery, Art and Culture Minister L Jayantakumar Singh on Tuesday went to the area and directed an increase in physical protection of the site for further studies.
Terming the relics priceless, the Minister said, “This discovery will certainly fill a vacuum in our State’s history.”

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