Reminiscing how ATSUM was born in my version (II)

Contd from previous issue

For a new awakening: I want to say it very much that Tribal Students in the present generation should not want people to clamour for the petty gains for one’s own class or community and disregard the interests of smaller tribal communities in Manipur. They should offer all of themselves to the common need because there is no better service to oneself than this. If such could be our sentiments or hearts, Manipur Hills would be a land of happiness. Today, when the land is writhing amidst the conflicts, they must not get carried away by fanatical passions but rather channelize their energy into constructive avenues which would lead towards harmony realizing that Manipur is a tiny state which can’t be broken into pieces. Brotherhood among communities is an imperative need, as is of today. And everyone is individually and equally responsible to strengthen the sentiment of togetherness. By brotherhood, we will progress and live happily in the state. I want to add this also that our spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical nature can be elevated above the realm of savagery. Only then, Manipuri Society can become fraternal instead of barbarous crime which arises out of a blissful ignorance.

The realization: I devoted too much of my precious times, away from the college classes for ATSUM when my predecessors were in the limelight for a year or so only. In the case of me, I was the Founder Finance Secretary in 1973, the Vice-President in 1975 and the President from 1975 to 1977 during National Emergency in the country. When the alarm bell rang in my ears, what I realized was yelling in the Imphal streets and roaring in the mountains amounts to shooting in the dark for a great fun. Whatever it was, I have the highest satisfaction of knowing that the 40th Foundation Day of the Union has been observed at Imphal.

Let Manipur be peaceful everywhere, every moment. Let it be a finer Land on Earth. Let Manipur progress with a smile for a happy New Year, 2014!


(The writer is former president, ATSUM (1975-77)