Be among those who make things happen

A professor from Harvard University said that there are only few who make things happen, but the majority masses watch.

This statement has inspired me immensely and propelled me to be among those few who make things happen. I feel that this desire and interest within me is itself the process of making things happen, yes, is in the making.

Do you want to be among those who make things happen, or do you want to see others make things happen? If you choose the former, you have to think differently. Your outlook, the way you see things, your analysis, your visions and plans have to different.

It takes a great deal to make things happen. You have to pay for it. If you deeply admire A.P.J Kalam, I believe, you’ll like his saying, “It is a crime to dream small.”

Are those who make things happen more potential than others? What difference do they have that they are able to make things different?
One big difference lies in our aims and goals. For many, their goal is limited to some common elements, such as, achieving success, buying a land, building a house, tying the knot, looking after children and so on.
In fact it is not wrong at all to have such goals.

Everyone has such dreams. But, for those who make things happen, go beyond those things.
They think more seriously how to bring change in the Church, Village, District, State, and society at large.
When people are affected, they are also affected.

When they see difficult problems which seem impossible to be solved, unlike others, who disbelieve that something good will still spring up, if something is done, they are optimistic and hopeful that things will change.

Therefore, they are engaged in deep thoughts, and make plans to tackle the problems in a fitting way. Though many are
pessimistic about a situation, they have a hope that it will turn out good if we act rightly.
So, if we want to be among those who make things happen, our aim and goal should not be limited to getting a job, building a house, looking after the family, etc. Our dreams should go beyond such things.
We should think deeper and wider. We should open our eyes wider and broaden our horizon. If you want to be among those who make things happen, it is extremely important to know that, the road is not a smooth one.
We’ll meet failures, discouragements and rejections.

It takes pain to do something good and different. One secret for those who make things happen is –
they never give up. Many confessed that, there were times they nearly gave up, but they didn’t.

Persistency becomes their driver. As they are perseverant, their difficulties become their helpers.

Those who want to make things happen have to be determined and perseverant. It takes time.
It is a process. But among those who watch, many do not know the difficulties of those who make things happen, consequently, throw many stinging criticisms at others. They will see only the flaws of those good people who do
good things. As they fill up their minds and hearts with the thoughts of the weaknesses of those who actually things happen, chances become slimmer for them to change, because they have closed their eyes to see their filthiness. So, if you don’t want this, try to be one among those who make things happen!