An Ode to My Love

By the roads, I stood and watched passers by
Thinking you might pass by;
I gazed at their faces hoping to see you.
Everywhere I looked, you seemed to appear;
Among the crowds I wandered but even your shadow I couldn’t find;
While you were so close to me,
My heart assured me I would find you somewhere;
Nowhere, but deep in my heart I found you.
I shouldn’t have grieved, have I not loved you;
I shouldn’t have loved you, have I not met you;
Now I’m guilty of loving you.
Could it be a sin?
Am I a sinner that I truly love someone?
If I were to testify myself on judgment day
Loving you would be my prettiest sin.
But my heart believes, ‘true love deserves forgiveness’.
When I said not to think about me;
When I said not to call me;
When I said not to bother me;
When I said not to dream of me;
That’s when I lied to myself;
Those were the greatest lies I have ever said;
It’s my heart that’s longing for you.
Now I can’t console my heart for all that I said;
What should I tell my heart?
How could I relieve my heart from the pain?
Tell me how to comfort my heart.
I’ve never felt my heart so heavy,
What have I done to myself?
I shouldn’t have met you;
Only to wound myself;
Now that I’m so in love,
I know how much it cost to love you;
Jealousy starts to sow in me;
Greed, I begin to feel;
But something tells me,
I can’t covet; I can’t be envious of;
For you belong to another.
A man is blind to love,
Until he sees how big love can grow;
A man is deaf to love,
Until he hears the cry of love;
A man is numb to love,
Until he feels the pain of loving;
A man does not have love,
Until he dies for love;
For I was blind, but you made me see the biggest love you’ve shown;
For I was deaf, but you made me cry;
For I was numb, but I now can feel the pain of loving you;
Once I did not have love, but now I’m dying for love. 
True love, you are my most valuable treasure.