In Further Response to Aya A Shimray


Apropos to your article in TSE, I am glad that you can write well, even while thinking wayward and can hide your identity. 


Since you do not belong to Ukhrul, you are naturally not adequately conversant with the clans forming Ukhrul’s demography i.e., Shaizas, Luikhams & Chiphangs, Vashungs etc who are major clans and Shimrays far and few who generally hail from Western  Ukhrul District. Since my contacts including police are unable to confirm, I doubt if you are from Ukhrul district.


Now come to the real issue. I suggest you peruse my letter. I had objected to the phrase ‘professed Naga baiter’ used by you in your write-up. Hence I wanted to clarify that, I am not. You have also read, so I am satisfied. And others know me better in detail where I stand.


Other issues like visit of Muivah and what attraction I had for him suddenly AFSPA-58 are beyond your comprehension, since you know neither the procedure of commissioning in the Army, duties and rights  of Army Officers nor the ABC of the Act. I feel you need to know Army Officer swears to the President of India to obey National command to remain loyal to the National flag while discharging duties on land, sea and air in defence of the Nation. He does not swear to uphold AFSPA-58. This Act is not his requirement since he has to operate at International borders almost. This Act is civil Government’s requirement to protect him under law as and when called upon to be on internal security duties which though should be of short duration but unfortunately taking longer and longer due to efforts of some pseudo nationalists on one ground or the other. 


You are marred in your opinion on rapes, killings and harassments in Nagaland and Manipur by SF’s, though of facts it is more so committed by the unsocials, unethicals and criminals and unlawful openly who are well identifiable even after commencement of peace talks and SoO.


You are asking me my contribution to your community. When you raise finger at someone, three (your own) are on you; please ask yourself what are your contributions to your own community as a Science graduate? Be judicious. Then go to Chamu and meet ex NA Capt Phillips (now Pastor) and ex NA Lt. Tusom of Tusom village. Ask them who conducted their interrogation in 1968 and how their dignity was upheld. Their confidence in me was won over by love and understanding it was when perhaps you may not have been even born. Aim to locate you was to call you over a cup of tea or contact you over phone and counsel  you to avoid victimizing people who are engaged in peace building exercises to bring people closer. Pen in hand a blessing of God, should not be wrongly used. We do know how Emails function. I am not a science graduate but DO know how much trouble emails is capable of creating and this is the one current example in hand. Why don’t you give landline/, mobile No? Anyway forget about it. If you got some sort of consideration for my age, please do meet me and do not block precious space of newspapers which can be better used by you and me for other constructive purposes. 


I go a bit beyond in social norms. I am much older to you, and I had no intention to hurt you. It was only to clarify my stand on my relations with Naga-Meities- Kukis etc since I am a freelance journalist and settled in Manipur by domicile.  


I do love Manipur – a Manipur which is complete only with hills and valley, and valley within the hills with 41 tribes and communities plus Pangals-Mayangs, the meek contributors to the State economy and well being.


There is no doubt about it. I will not entertain anymore writing by you on the subject, contact number may be used if desired but still if you feel I have  hurt you, please accept my apologies as a good youngster (our age variance is just 44 years) 

Yours sincerely,

RS Jassal