My truest love which you had ignored

Oh my love!

If I were you, it would be hard for melooking mercilessly to someones troubleYou are so heartless

I’ve conveyed what my heart spellnumber of times.

No single word of your heart comes to melike to stone or wood I am sayingGirl, you know

I see many girls in this world;
They are beauty, lovely and cute

But in the charmness. I had not bowed.

The moment I saw your beautifulnessgentleness and loveliness, 
my heart and everything stumbled

And such love I knew notI had committed in my life began

But, I weep and weep, when to such true deep love you throw into shit.

Night has passed, New day begin

My trouble become afresh more and more

Many precious time, chance and my duties leftundone lamenting for your sweet words.

I look and look to see your smile for me
But trees and hills block my viewI wail ‘I love you’ but echoes of my voicereturn the sameAnd I asked has God created you withwonderful gift of beauty to bring meunending sorrow.Many boys may love you.But my love. will lie beyond themIf you love me that much I love youSinsin what thing else on this worldcould win our love?Do examine to my love once thenyou will find the loveI gave you is the trust love.