Choose the right way

Beware, I am with you!
Behold, I am with you!
The way of life.

Has to be very joy
As, you have a precious life
May be a chance.

That may go the wrong way.
Pray the almighty for the right.
Think better to led the way.

Let it may not go wrong.
The Golden ages of life.

May be spoil at a movement

The opportunity you goin.

It may vain with a minutes.

Many element around you.
Waiting an opportunity like a germs!
Don’t led the life in fall?

Let it be away from you.
Drugs abuse, may be the main.

Thay may received the health.
Gambling may affects property
That led us to be come a beggar,
So, beware of the life.
For which you should
Choose the right way of life.
By Rajen Rai