A tribute to all the ‘haters’

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
All my life I have been trying to run away from problems, haters, bad comments and whatsoever. But the more I try running away from it, I get stuck harder. It’s like trying to forget something, the more you try forgetting something – you are indirectly giving effort to remember the stuffs even more.
Funny how I was so scared to even upload videos in YouTube thinking what will people say about me, and when I say “what will people say,” I don’t really mean the positives but all the negatives. But now that I have seen both the sides, after earning 21 thousand subscribers in YouTube, I learn something, that I need not worry too much because some people will hate me for anything.
Heard people trolling about me, it only says I have something to do with them, they are making me more famous. If you really hate me, stop talking about me – that’s how you make me less famous, but the more you spread the words of hate – the more my voices touch more lives.
You know what’s going on in Manipur? There was a time when drugs were killing all the youths but a new thing have substituted that, “Haters.” These short of people will try pulling down, these viruses stay near you, they never wanna see you coming up in life.
And here I won’t tell you to stop giving your attention to them, you are supposed to give your attention to them and get yourself immune to that. These short of people called ‘haters’ are killing so many hopes and dreams of many young stars and I am here trying to give you the vaccine, “Listen to them and get immune to the words they say,” so that you no longer feel foreign when anything new comes.
You always have to keep something in mind that you just only have one life to live and you are not supposed to keep wasting time listening to other’s opinion. Yes, take that in and get used to hearing those but never apply those to make those opinions your voice. You know what’s good, that’s more than enough to keep you on track.
What do you do when you go to a city for just one day? You try roaming as much as you can, you try talking to many, you try doing all those you want, you don’t care anything, you always keep in mind that you are in that place for just one day and you need to do everything what your heart wants.
Is that not same with life if you keep in mind that ‘your life is short.’ Yes, life is too short, you have to make yourself live in the way you want, stop being a coward, stop being a victim, stop being a loser.
You got to start appreciating everything, you got to understand that everyone is a visitor. And yes, I forgot one things, in that visit to the new place, the immigration and security check is crazy, you are not allowed to take back anything except memories. Now, that’s exactly same with life, you came to this one time visit to earth, you are not allowed to take anything except memories (if you believe in after-life), so now what you have to keep in mind is, on your way back from here on the plane, you are going to be left with just memories, would you like to take some amazing and fantastic memories or some stupid coward memories? You better wanna get the first one. And that how your attitude should be towards life.
Nothing is a failure, nothing is a success, it’s the journey and if you love the journey, the entire point lies there.
You have to make it happen, you should never ever dare stop walking in life, because those certificates, those cars, those money, those jobs are not the one that’s important but the memories of how you get those. So, if you wanna get amazing certificates – go to the course you love the most, if you wanna get the best car, money and the job – follow your passion to earn the max. Now at the end, people will still hate me for saying this but you know what? They are just the people who keep giving me points to write such articles, thank you – haters.

The writer is a Motivational orator, who currently resides in Canada. He will be starting a new live talk show named “Live With Bir”. In which he will be interviewing inspiring personalities from all around the world. The dates for which will be announced soon. Show him your undying support by subscribing his YouTube channel “Live With Bir”. He can be reached at birkarnelzelzitthiyam3073@gmail.com; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal.

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