Almighty leaders make us seek asylum, we want a departure to another world

James Heisnam
Release Gaidon Kamei, we want a smooth passage highway.Stop lulling us by remanding him to the custody. Amidst the juncture of the upcoming election and political propagandas among the political parties, we the subjects of Kangleileipak are not more less than the creatures crippled in a winter starve.Your political strategies for getting majority killing your voters.If  you are not making the highways free from any disturbance earlier then a massacre is supposed to be hapened before election. If so, it will very right to suppose that only the politicians will remain alive in this tiny forrest.
Please! make us seek asylum by making more severe assurances.This is the last request and the voices of the resented peoples of Manipur to the central and state government.
If you aren’t able to tackle the prevailing situation in Manipur created by the  UNC and it’s backbone NSCN(IM),let the people tackle it out.Do not disperse the mongers of the counter economic blockade.
Everybody, it’s time to seek asylum, you ought not to exist in this tiny forrest where the human rights are deprived. Every insidents has proven the weakness of the leaders.One convincing example is the killing of Manipuri Police personnel in connection with the prolonged economic blockade in Manipur. Even though, Manipuri police personnel has been killed, the government could do nothing against the illegal outfit.The government is not able to arrest the criminals till date. Why the centre and state government has remained as a spectacular on the plight of the people so far?.The insident has displayed the bias of the government between ‘corCome’ and NSCN-IM.Had the atrocities was carried out by the ‘corCome’, the government of India would have ordered to curb the outfits.
When the martyr ROBINHOOD tried to save our ‘Kangleipak’ he was killed by the brave Manpuri camandos. But the brave Manipuri camandos were just like the jawless tigers when their freinds were shot dead in front of their very eyes.When RATAN tried to save ‘Kangleipak’ he was tagged ‘wanted’.But in the case of UNC president, the government could give no beffited punishment other than remanding to custody des pite commiting many crimes in connection with the prolonged economic blockade.
When the subjects of Kangleipak tried to save his motherland, he was killed.On the contrary, when the alien  army atacked our motherland by killing subjects of ‘Kangleipak’, why the government has remained silent?
You might’ve heard that the bombardment done by the USA president Barrack Obama on ISI and ISIL in Syria and Irag. by proclaiming ‘terrorist’ in regard to the killing of journalist and innocent peoples.
In this same way the government of India should proclaim the illegal outfits as ‘terrorist’ regarding it’s frequent  terror attacks taking place beyond the line of ceasefire between the concerned outfit and government of India on august 1, 1997.
And on what ground we should assume that the killing of police personnel was  without the hands NSCN-IM?
Let”s assume like this if your demand is given or approved by the government then what others communities wil say? Will others agree? Will they remain silent?If the rest communities demand the same like yours, what would be the dail of this tiny forrest?
India is famous across the globe for it’s unity in diversity. And Manipur is also said to be a mini world. We are the brothers of one father and mother. Why you have a strong desire of loneliness?Why you want to seperate from your family? You should not blame the government for not approving your demand. It is the duty of a father to be a mediator among his young ones, it’s the duty for him to suppress such ideologies.
Despite many atrocities committing in connection with the prolonged economic blockade, you still utter that everything what you have done so far is not against any ethnic groups, not to hurt the sentiments of the innocent people. But the question is; are you conscious or sub-concious?
It’s just like raping a woman and saying it was only to quence your thirsty, but had no intention to hurt the victim. Why the government of India has not given a beffited punishment as per law? Why the government has remained as a spectacular on these grievous action done by the UNC?
Everybody,it’s time to style yourself as the leader. It’s time to empower yourself,its time to take your responsibility to rule your motherland. Do not vote for any party.They are the leaders who has emerged not to lead us, not to save us; but to get VIP light, to suppress us.
My dears,, let’s not be fool by giving them our powers.Instead, let’s  empower ourselves.You are the leader. I’m the leader. Empower yourself by giving your valuable vote to you.
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