An appeal to all concerned

It is pathetic to see the plight of the common people of our state due to the ongoing UNC sponsored economic blockade. First, it’s my humble plea to the Nagas to immediately stop this unloving method of persecuting the helpless common people on Biblical principle. Second, I would like to appeal to the Sadar Hills District Demand Committee (SHADC) to drop the idea of imposing another or extra burdens to the helpless common people by imposing another economic blockade. Instead, let us all strive to work for the betterment of our own people. Imposing economic blockade brings hardship and pain to all the sections of the people equally. Moreover, this method is against the principles of Christianity; in other words, the Bible.
Counter blockade also effect the common people and daily wagers. In the midst of extreme sufferings due to demonetisation, we are mercilessly hunting ourselves. A common man like me wish to live in peace. The earth is not our permanent place as we know. One day we will all die to stand before the judgement throne of God. There is nothing we can carry after we die. We come naked, we go naked. Let us, as Christians, think again.
Yours sincerely
Thangneo Haokip

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