An open letter to Managing Director, MSPDCL

First of all, I would like to thank you for the Job Opportunities provided by your office to the unemployed citizens of Manipur.
Sir, with the ongoing form submission at MSPDCL near 2nd MR, I would like to lay down some points for your kind consideration.
Manipur is mostly a hilly region and we face so many geographical barriers and hardships in our daily lives when it comes to administration and travelling.
Notwithstanding the fact that the country has come a long way in science and technology and has grown in leaps and bounds in the communications frontier,and our city is moving towards the milestone of becoming a Smart City, we still lack in some basic necessities.
Coming to the point, on behalf of all the citizens of Manipur in general and job-seekers in particular, the imbroglio we are facing today while submitting our forms in MSPDCLoffice is a sorry sight. This, to say the least, is so irresponsible.
The applicants chose to travel from one corner of the state to another just to submit the applications, and what do we experience?
Applicants scattered in front of MSPDCL office without any help or decorum, out in the open highway. The Big Question is -”Why don’t you allow us to submit our forms in the ONLINE MODEwhich is more suitable and reasonable for all?”.
These past few days, people have started queuing up outside your office as early as dawn (4am), but what about the people who come from other districts???
Don’t we deserve a chance? Or are we children of lesser beings?
Some of them have to stay overnight at hotels because they cannot submit the form due to the long queue. The concerned authority should at least have some reasoning about the predicaments of the citizens.
The least the concerned authority can do for them is to permit the form submission in their respective districts.
After standing in the queue for more than 7 hours, we reach the counter and if perchance, some documents are missing, we are provided nothing by your office, no signature nor any writing so we have to stand inthe same long queue the next day, and start all over again.
This poor attitude and unethical performance provided by your office is hugely regrettable.
Yours sincerely,
Shanluiso Angkang
A concerned citizen

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  1. M chawang   March 16, 2019 at 2:19 pm

    Right thought at a right time. A Big thump up to you bro!


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