An open letter to Union Health Minister JP Nadda

With utmost regard let me apprise you something which is affecting the health services in Manipur.
Last week I had to attend to my sick cousin who was hospitalised in Regional Institute of Medical Sciences (RIMS)’ Male ward and what I found was troubling and accordingly apprising you so that things may
get better .
May I also mention that I wrote quite a few letters in the last 8/9 months drawing the attention of the director of RIMS, the premier Medical institute of the North-East which is under your direct control.
While writing I had also made some suggestions to which the director responded through his agent.
My suggestion was to improve the cleanliness in the institute, in its wards and the toilets.
I made the suggestion that in this premier institute where thousands of patients come from all over Manipur and also from other Northeast states everyday, the hospital’s cleanliness need to be taken care of round the clock by putting enough staff like in other premier hospitals.
It is quite natural that the pressure from the patients who come in thousands must be very high. But it is the bounden duty of RIMS administration to put in sufficient staff to  take care of the various wards including the toilet areas which are found stinking.
In fact some months ago a resident doctor wrote to the PMO regarding the shabby management and the stinking toilets etc.
Sir, the point is RIMS administration seems not to understand how to take care of a premier Medical institute or maybe he does not know how important hospital administration is.
Therefore as a citizen of this country may I draw your kind attention to so that this premier Medical institute serves the people of the Northeast in general and Manipur in particular well.
I had also pointed out to the director that instead of sitting on the file to recruit some 200 or so Group-D staff for which some 20,000 odd candidates eagerly waiting for the recruitment test, he could go ahead with the recruitment process and press them into service without delay so that hospital service may be improved.
However my suggestion has not been taken into consideration causing RIMS to be short staffed and hence inefficient and stinking toilets.
Why RIMS is sitting on the file for so long is anybody’s guess, but the lack of staff needs to be looked into at the soonest to make the hospital a place fit for the sick and the ailing.

Yours most sincerely ,
Leishangthem Dijen

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