Another backs ST demand

Bpr, Mar 1: Dr Kh Samungou, former member of International Union for Conservation of Nature as well as conservationist, has said that the demand for the inclusion of Meitei/Meetei in the ST list is viable as per the Constitution of India.
Speaking to media persons as a part of the campaign of Coordinating Body of Scheduled Tribe Demand Committee, Bishnupur district to seek opinion and feedbacks from reknowed personalities regarding inclusion of Meiteis in the ST list, Dr Kh Samungou expressed disappointment that some people/parties are against the idea of Meiteis being included in the ST list.
He claimed that it is a critical need for the indigenous community (the Meiteis) to get included in the list in the present scenario, and it is a right as well.
He reasoned that the perception that Meiteis will not get developed or will begin falling backwards on the developmental scale, is entirely false.
Instead, the inclusion of Meiteis in the ST list will bring development, peace and prosperity in the State, he claimed.
Inclusion of Meiteis in the list will not affect any other community residing in the State. If the Meitei community fails to get included in the ST list, there is a grave possibility that the community will vanish from the State within the next 20/30 years, he claimed.
Samungou expressed disappointment at the lack of tangible response from the side of the State Government and mentioned that time is of the essence at such a juncture.
As such, it is the right time for the State Government to take up necessary steps to ensure the inclusion of Meiteis/Meeteis in the ST list at the earliest, he said.

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