AR’s benevolence gives courage to polio patient

IMPHAL, Jun 2 : The Indian success story of Polio eradication is known across the world and even though the nation has been declared Polio free, there are cases which pop up that remind the sordid state in which a polio patient is left infected by the deadly virus.
One such case happened to MS Theithem, who at the age of 20 is ridden with polio disease which she picked up when she was merely six months old.
Theithem has had to fight the agony of having to drag herself slowly and painstakingly as her body below her waist lies paralysed. Deep within the confines of her one-room thatched apartment which she calls home, she knew that she would never get the opportunity to move out of her apartment.
However, Theithem of Tuitong which lies near Samtal of Chandel district found happiness in creativity. She would spend hours trying to bring life to artificial flowers that she would create out of litter.
An officer of Sehlon Battalion of Assam Rifles saw her plight and was so impressed by the grit and determination of the young girl that the Sehlon Battalion took upon itself to support her. Sehlon Battalion of Assam Rifles under the aegis of IGAR (South) Mantripukhri inspired with Theithem’s will to fight decided to adopt her.
In order to pave way for her economic reliance, the Assam Rifles unit started providing her with raw materials required for the handicrafts and helping her with acquiring skills to attain export quality finishing products.
The unit is also organizing formal training for her wherein she will be trained at Arts and Crafts Training Centre, Thoubal, for one year.
A wheel chair, something which Theithem had seen for the first time, was gifted to her yesterday. The Bn hopes and pray that the Samtal Samaritans can finally get her to stand on her own feet.

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