Arzi Huqumat-E-Azad Hind

BISHNUPUR, Oct 22: The 74th Anniversary of Provisional Government of Free India, Arzi Huqumat-E-Azad Hind, was held at INA Memorial hall yesterday.
Moirang A/C MLA, P Sharatchandra Singh, Art and Culture Manipur, Director, Dr K Sushila Devi and Moirang College Political Science Department Head, Professor Y Modhu Singh attended the event as the chief guest, president and the resource persons respectively.
The chief guest and the president unveiled dioramas of Netaji Subhaschandra Bose as a part of the event.
Speaking at the event, P Sharatchandra said that if the present day leaders are were like the past patriots of Manipur, the State would not have been in such a backward and deprived condition.
On the other hand, Dr K Sushila Devi said that as the important day falls on Ningol Chakkouba which is also one of the biggest festivals of Manipur, necessary steps will be discussed with those concerned to shift the date of the Arzi Huqumat-E-Azad Hind event.

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