ATSUM cries foul over appointment

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KANGPOKPI, Dec 6 : All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur today claimed to have unearthed various discrepancies to prove their earlier allegation that the recruitment process of college Principal conducted by MPSC is fraught with lapses, blunders, favoritism and nepotism.
Kakai Singsit, secretary education, ATSUM maintained that a candidate who was included among the recommended candidates recently announced by MPSC on November 24 failed to produce any PhD student as claimed by the candidate which completely violated the stipulated educational qualification.
He pointed out that the stipulated educational qualification as mentioned in the application form clearly states that a candidate should be a research guide and should have produced a PhD student.
“The matter came to light after a thorough investigation was conducted by a team of ATSUM at Manipur University and other equivalent Universities of India so as to unearth the discrepancies in the recently announced Principal candidates for the colleges of Manipur”, asserted Kakai Singsit.
He added that if the recommended candidate is under the impression that he had produced a PhD student it will be appreciated that he comes out with the name of the students he had produced including the topic of the thesis and when it was submitted and approved by the UGC or University concerned.
The ATSUM leader continued that such a recommended candidate should also produce when the interview of the candidate was done and who were the expert members conducting the viva voce and who was the external expert.
Kakai Singsit further said that in fact the person in question had submitted his thesis after it was hastily compiled with the help of some Professors from Manipur University and submitted to his guide but was it eventually rejected.
“One fails to understand how the MPSC could entertain such a candidate who has failed to fulfil the prescribed educational qualifications. If proper verification had been done at the time of the screening process many of the recommended candidates would have not made the cut”, Singsit asserted.
He said that the notification issued by MPSC on November 24 wherein it recommended 13 candidates for the post of the Principals for colleges was circulated with three riders.
Rider one clearly indicates that one particular candidate had not completed her 15 years mandatory regular service. How was she included in the short-listed candidates ? asked ATSUM.
He also pointed out that the API calculation is also shrouded in mystery as it has come to light that Manipur University has only one qualified expert for the calculation of Academic Performance Indicator (API) of research scholars but he was not included in the screening committee.
The director of the internal quality assurance cell (IQAC) who was the competent expert on the matter was also not invited, Kakai Singsit maintained while adding that since the API calculation was done in the absence of experts, ATSUM highly doubts the authenticity of the academic antecedents of the recommended candidates.

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