ATSUM reiterates stand on digitization of service books, urges ZEOs involvement

IMPHAL, Feb 27 : Reiterating its stands on the current move of the Education Department to digitize all service books of its rank and files to the Education Directorate, the All Tribal Students’ Union Manipur (ATSUM) warned all ZEO’s of the hill- districts against submitting the service books of their respective zones to the directorate.
It also said that any negligence on the part of any ZEO towards ATSUM’S stricture shall be treated as an act of hostility.
Kakai Singsit, education secretary ATSUM, maintained that Manipur is a land inhabited by diverse communities with unique ethos and dialects and as such it will be sensible on the part of the Education Directorate (schools) to assign the matter to the concerned ZEOs of the hills.
He also said that ATSUM is not against the process of digitization, as already affirmed earlier, but the method applied for an effective process is filled with perils as printing mistakes on the part of the computer operators will seriously affect those individuals whose names or records are misprinted.
Kakai Singsit further said that victims of such error will have to visit the Directorate office, often for correction, which will result in huge expenditures in travelling and inconveniences to those who travels to Imphal from far places.
As per the reports collected from individuals whose names and service records were misprinted earlier, he alleged that those individuals were forced to shell out hefty sums of at least Rupees 15,000 for travelling and other processes.
The strength of the office assistant of the Directorate, are simply not enough to meet the eventual traffic of employees coming for correction, as the total strength of service persons serving under Education (S) is approximately around 15,000 in total, he added.
The ATSUM education secretary further stated that it will be better for the Directorate to assign the work to the respective ZEO’s as this will enhance speedy completion of the process with minimal mistakes.
He further cautioned that any ZEO found neglecting the demands of ATSUM, will have to do so at their own peril.

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