Ban on hunting migratory birds Message from Mao

The stand of the people of Mao or Mao people needs to be hailed. It is not often that one hears of a community based organisation taking the lead to ban hunting of wild animals but this is what the Mao Council, the apex body of the Mao community has done-ban the hunting of migratory birds at many places inhabited by the Mao community. Hunting of migratory birds banned and one hopes this is extended to a ban on hunting in all the areas that come under the jurisdiction of the Mao Council. What makes the stand of the Mao Council all that more laudatory is the fact that hunting, not only animals but also birds, has always been a part and parcel of the Mao community or say the tribal community of not only Manipur but also neighbouring Nagaland. One only hopes that other community based organisations in other hill districts of Manipur take a leaf or two out of the stand of the Mao Council and enforce the same restrictions in their areas of jurisdiction. The contributions of PCCF K Angami and Additional PCCF and State Biodiversity Board Member Secretary Dr Lokho Punii should also be acknowledged. Incidentally Dr Lokho Punii belongs to the Mao community and is a native of Kalinamei, Mao. A fitting example of the arms of the Government working in tandem with civil society organisations and community based organisations and this is a lesson for all. From a ban on hunting migratory birds, let it extend to a ban on hunting wild animals and let it also extend to a ban on felling trees in the forests of Mao. This is protecting the environment. Nothing short of it.
Significant to note too that the stand of the Mao Council and the people of Mao has come amid the scare/apprehension generated by the unexplained killings of numerous domestic livestocks in the last few days in different parts of the State. Significant in the sense that it has come at a time when serious questions have been raised on whether the unexplained killings of livestocks have anything to do with the way in which man is known to have violated the sanctity of the wild. Respect the space of each other is the message that one can read in the stand of the Mao Council. It is when this respect is violated that a situation is created when a conflict between man and animal becomes imminent. This is one way to look at the unexplained killings of domestic livestocks in the last couple of days. It would also do good for all to remember that it is not only at Mao where migratory birds are hunted but also at numerous other places, such as the periphery of Loktak Lake. Shirui Kashong, the abode of the Shirui Lily is another place where migratory birds come to flock every winter and it is at this time of the year that the migratory birds are hunted. The message from Mao should also reach Shirui and the adjoining villages in Ukhrul district. Mao Council has taken the lead and it is only right that the message from Mao reach out to all corners of the State.

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