Bills not contradictory, says BJP

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Jan 11: BJP Manipur Pradesh has categorically stated that the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill 2016 will not contradict the Manipur People’s Protection (MPP) Bill in any manner and there is no question of one superseding the other.
Speaking to media persons today, BJP Manipur Pradesh spokesman Ch Bijoy said that BJP condemns Congress leaders’ comments on the MPP Bill which was passed by the State Assembly unanimously.
The Congress leaders’ comments also undermined the people’s sustained ILP movement which entailed many casualties, Bijoy said.
Noting that ILPS is in force in Mizoram, Aruna-chal Pradesh and Nagaland, the BJP spokesman asserted that there is no provision in the CAB to withdraw ILPS from these States. This testifies that the CAB 2016 and MPP Bill 2018 are not contradictory, he claimed.
Clause VI of the Assam Accord is basically about protection of indigenous people. People have been agitating to implement this clause as the particular clause has not yet been properly implemented.
Assam Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma recently announced the Central Government’s intimation that Clause VI of the Assam Accord would be given constitutional protection.
Claiming that CAB 2016 would not have any impact in the hill areas of Manipur, Bijoy pointed out that the hill areas of the State have been already enjoying constitutional protection.
As for the protection of all the people of Manipur including the valley dwellers, the President of India is most likely to give assent to the MPP Bill 2018, he exuded.
Entry of all non-Manipuri Indian citizens into Manipur would be regulated by the MPP Bill 2018 and they would be given passes.
There is no question of CAB 2016 and ILPS superseding each other in any of the three Northeastern States where ILPS is in force and MPP Bill 2018 would be quite effective in checking influx of India citizens into Manipur, he claimed.

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