Bipasa – Gene or opportunity?

Kajal Chatterjee
Bipasa. No this is a fictitious name. But the girl is indeed real of flesh and blood.
She is aged just 12 — a jewel in our residential complex. Right from her just 6 or 7 years of age, she used to speak extremely fluent English with absolute correct grammar. Not only she excels in examination results, Bipasa possesses lot of General Knowledge also. Be it elocution contest, painting, singing, dancing, swimming or Computer skills; Bipasa is unparalleled. Even in racing to karate to badminton, she resides way above her peers. Moreover ever smiling Bipasa is gentle friendly and always courteous to her elders.
Her father is a reputed sincere Doctor holding one of the topmost positions in a Cancer Research hospital in Kolkata, her mother being a full-fledged degree engineer. Both of them are very civilized humble persons with values ethics and knowledge, also pursuing various cultural activities.
So this is the genesis of all round talent of Bipasa! She is bound to excel in whatever field she indulges in! Just look at the genes she is carrying! Sheer blood will do all the talking! Innumerable gene-conscious people will attest to it. Rather the supporters of this theory form the overwhelmingly majority in the society.
So genes and blood are the be-all and end-all of individuals; isn’t it! Now let me humbly inform that Bipasa’s parents are not biological, rather just official! Bipasa is nothing but an adopted daughter of the couple! So  exactly in which position this overhyped “gene theory” now resides! Just gone for a toss! Despite ignorance of most of their acquaintances including Bipasa herself about her adopted status, the hard fact or closed secret remains that she is not carrying a single gene of her official parents! We all are absolutely dark about her inherited genes which might be of “highly educated” well-established couples, “mediocre” biological parents both in terms of degree or occupation and might be of “uneducated” illiterate labour class! Yet so much talent is embedded within Bipasa!
However “gene-addicted” brigade might still not concede defeat! They will say that Bipasa surely carries the genes of “high quality” couples who are unknown to us! And this is the mystery behind her exceptional intellect and skills in all spheres!
Then so be it! But then I will also raise a counter question — “Would the genes of Bipasa still done all the talking had she did not got adopted by such truly educated cultured socially highly established couple”! Bipasa is actually a very very lucky soul that the little baby in her landed in a reputed responsible orphanage whose authorities had given her for adoption to such nice parents. She might have landed in a dubious organisation who could have handed her to cruel traffickers. Or the abandoned in her could have been picked up by a very noble but poor slum-dwelling couple! Had such tragedy happened to her, today’s bright girl invoking positive envy could have been toiling as a child labourer in brick kiln or being readied for sexual exploitation in red light areas! At “best” she might have turned into an assistant of lady tailor or a door to door sales girl trading soaps and detergents! Her present and future could have been very very dark and lowly. And then our “gene-conscious” society might have concluded that this sales girl has not shined in life because of “low quality” genes!
At the end of the day the stark reality remains that behind Bipasa’s such stupendous success in all spheres, lie the best of opportunities coaching guidance and education that her official parents are handing over to her. And obviously Bipasa’s credit lies in the fact that she is utilising such opportunities to its full. But how could she have succeeded in utilising those opportunities had she not received it first of all!
So this gene theory is nothing but a myth as far as one’s success or failure in life is concerned! And the very gentle sober humble courteous qualities of Bipasa are nothing but the direct result of the cultured environment in her home and noble moral teachings that her official parents are imbibing on her psyche! Thus not blood or genes, but only opportunities and proper guidance and environment do all the talking in our lives. All things inheritance of intelligence and merit are  nothing but bogus.
Ending with an anecdote involving Harsh Mander — the brave upright righteous former IAS Officer who had resigned in protest against the Gujarat pogrom in 2002.
The highly educated Mander delivers lectures at various universities. Now once while lecturing at IIM Ahmedabad, Mander boldly addressed the class(consisting of students considered to be creamiest of creamy in terms of “talent” and “brilliance”) in the following lines :— “Don’t think yourself to be special. I am standing here and you are sitting here only because we are privileged. Had all Indians been as privileged as us, I would not have been found to be lecturing here”! What Mander meant to say is that had all Indians been privileged enough to gain best of educational opportunities, he as well as his students might not have gained access to IIM because of resultant extremely steep competition.
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