Biren demands apology from Rahul and team

By Our Staff Reporter
IMPHAL, Apr 19: Chief Minister N Biren has demanded an apology from AICC president Rahul Gandhi and his team for allegedly making false charges against BJP National president Amit Shah in connection with the death of Supreme Court Judge Justice BH Loya.
Speaking to media persons at the Nityaipat Chuthek office of BJP Manipur Pradesh today, Chief Minister N Biren remarked that there is a trend of blaming PM Narendra Modi for any issue that erupts in the country since the past 3/4 years but many issues which broke out during the 15/20 years before Modi became the Prime Minister were conveniently overlooked. The apex Court, by its judgement passed today, has taught a befitting lesson to the particular political group, he said.
In connection with the death of Justice Loya, AICC president Rahul Gandhi accompanied by more than 100 Congress MLAs met the President of India and made many outrageous and defamatory allegations against BJP president Amit Shah. Attempts by some people with vested interest to defame Amit Shah by way of filing a PIL have been given befitting reply by the SC through its judgement passed today.
The SC judgement remarked that the PIL was politically motivated and it has an intention to demean the Court, Biren said.
Like Rahul Gandhi, Congress party has been making a number of baseless allegations against BJP as well as the BJP-led Govt. Even as the arms missing case has been handed over to the NIA, it is bewildering that they (Congress) had the audacity to claim that the 56 arms did not disappear during the time of Congress Govt, the CM continued.
“When they were in power they acted on their own whims as if everybody must accept what they were doing. When another party comes to power, they have been making all kinds of allegations to create social unrest and defame the ruling parties”, Biren said.
He then appealed to the Opposition party to rectify their inclination to falsities and make allegations with supporting documents. BJP Manipur Pradesh president and Rajya Sabha MP K Bhabananda said that Congress party has exhausted all means of survival.
Apart from paralysing all democratic institutions including the Parliament, Congress party has been trying to disgrace the Judiciary so as to score political mileage, Bhabananda said.
He too demanded that Rahul Gandhi should tender an unconditional apology to BJP and the people of the country.

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