BJP questions Cong party’s abstinence from memo panel

IMPHAL, Nov 25: BJP Manipur Pradesh has ques-tioned Congress party’s abs- tinence from the sub-committee constituted in accordance to a decision of the all political parties meet-ing to draft a memorandum which should be submitted to the Prime Minister in con-nection with the Framework Agreement signed between the Government of India and NSCN-IM on August 3, 2015.
A one-day political conference was held today at Lalambung community hall under the aegis of BJP Thangmeiband Mandal and BJP Imphal Central District.
Speaking at the conference, former Union Minister and former BJP Manipur Pradesh president Th Chao-ba recalled that apex civil society organisations have adopted a resolution to the effect that the Framework Agreement should not impinge upon the interest of Manipur in any manner, and the all political parties meeting too adopted a similar resolution.
Even as Congress party was invited to the sub-committee which drafted a memorandum for submission to the Prime Minister, the party stayed away from the sub-committee. Congress party must give reason(s) for staying away from the sub-committee, Chaoba demanded. Saying that it is not the Congress party alone which is powerful in the State, Chaoba further questioned as to why it submitted a separate memorandum to the President of India when it stayed away from the memorandum drafting sub-committee.
Building tempo for the Lok Sabha election by raking the issue of Framework Agreement would not yield any positive result.
Congress party which ruled the State for 15 years had been rejected by the people of Manipur. Even as they emerged as the single largest party, they could not retain power. On the other hand, non-Congress parties united together under the leadership of BJP and formed Government.
The BJP-led coalition Government has succeeded in bringing the hill people and plain people together although hill-valley relationship was quite strained some years back. Now there is mutual love and peace among different communities in the State, Chaoba claimed.
Former BJP Manipur Pradesh president Meinam Bhorot said that the BJP-led Government has taken up necessary measures to complete projects which were left incomplete by the Congress Government after withdrawing the sanctioned amounts.
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Apart from holding Cabinet meetings at hill district headquarters, several development projects have been taken up.
Bhorot also questioned Congress party for harping on the Naga issue when they did not resolve the same issue during their tenure in power.
Many other BJP leaders also spoke at the conference.

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