BJP’s show in NE States The backroom boys !

The art of striking alliances. And the BJP certainly has mastered this. Of the three States in the North East which went to polls recently and for which results have been declared, the BJP has a Chief Minister of its own only in Tripura but yet at the same it has been able to dislodge the Congress in Meghalaya, the NPF in Nagaland and the Left in Tripura. Certainly Prime Minister Narendra Modi and the backroom boys of the BJP have shown what is political manoeuvring and this is something which all political parties must have woken up to. In Meghalaya, it managed to win only two seats in the 60 member Assembly, but yet it managed to send the Congress packing, thereby inching closer to its avowed mission of Congress Mukt. The Congress is now just a pale shadow of its former self in Nagaland, but yet at the same time, it was extremely interesting to see the BJP strike up such a strategic alliance with the NDPP under Nephiu Rio and go on to form the Government. At Tripura it managed to send the CPIM, which had ruled the State for the last 25 years packing thanks to its ability to deliver the punches where it matters. What is interesting is to note the fact that though it has agreed to be the junior partner to the NDPP and the NPP in Nagaland and Meghalaya respectively, it has managed to make its presence felt in the North East considerably. A feat which the then BJP led NDA Government at New Delhi could not achieve in its first avatar. Credits for this should be given to the backroom boys of the BJP, who have definitely done their homework much better than those in the other political parties. And the Congress definitely do lack this.
A handwritten script of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP president Amit Shah, their man in the North East Ram Madhav and yes the unsung, unseen backroom boys. Obviously clear that now political campaigning is something much more than the art of public speaking or reaching out with populist measures and rhetoric but meticulous behind the screen plannings. This is what the backroom boys of the BJP have done and with such aplomb. Will not be surprising if other countries, such as the USA or any European country send their men to study how the preparations were made in this part of the country for their respective candidate and political party. It will definitely need more than picking issues to win the trust of the people, but a strategy to sell one’s agenda to the people and if the Assembly elections in the three North Eastern States are anything to go by, then this is definitely one point which should not miss the eyes of the observers. Clearly the BJP seems to have mastered the art of touching just where it is right and this is something which cannot be learnt in a day or two, but from closely studying the issues besetting each State. Development in the real sense of the term was a catchword they employed with good effect and one just has to recall the campaign of Prime Minister Narendra Modi at Tuensang in Nagaland just before the Assembly elections. Good show from the BJP and the credit for this should go to their backroom boys and obviously now the show should move to its public faces.

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