Board exams are just another university entrance exams

Birkarnelzelzit Thiyam
There the light goes away, never had I smiled that much thinking my mom would allow me to sleep, but she came with a candle, helping me to memorize more as the board exam was starting the following day. The love behind her smile for me got poisoned as soon as she says, “You need to score more than Jack.” Unwanted competitive feeling grew, I dropped my pen down just to get some moments of freeriding my tears while engaging in getting back the pen. She walked away killing my future by tying me up with her love. I looked at my guitar, a big smile walled my tears; that’s happiness.
The next morning, my mother woke me up, blessing me to fulfill her dreams by killing my dreams. Just that word I spoke, “Mom, after class 12, I want to be a singer,” that was the biggest shock she got. I knew she was angry, but she didn’t show because I was just few hours away from fulfilling her dream. “Dear, singing should be your hobby, I will buy a costly guitar after your exam,” she killed me completely. How can the one which makes me smile be kept as something to be done in free time? I was broken, I went back to my room, I hugged my guitar, I played a little – making me smile a little. Fear while thinking I was chained really chained me, then through my window I saw the big cow garlanded with a thick rope around her, she never moved away from the radius made by the rope till the point her hunger pushed; huger was more important than her physical strength.
That made me smile, I rushed out, I saw my mom and dad praying – loud enough for me to hear them saying, “God, please let my son score well! And help him be a doctor, let him pass the AIPMT exam too, which is coming up soon.” That was my rope, I was tied with love. I sometimes felt that I should make them smile yet I never wanted crying every-night. Then I realize I wasn’t hungry enough. Until the day my dad tried breaking my guitar, I raised my voice, shouting, “Dad! give me a life, not a room in your house.” I knew I was in love with my guitar, my rope was broken, my hunger broke it. My dad walked away, but I no longer get trapped by love, I rushed to get my guitar but never even thought of saying ‘sorry’ to my dad. Dad walked straight towards his room but stopped by the glassed picture falling on the floor, of himself which he once won the best dancer award, but never did he followed his dream just because his dad wanted him to become an engineer. He too is a victim of love. Mom saw my reactions, she then walked up to me with dad, he said nothing but, “I will ask your uncle for the best music college in India.” That changed my life.
Trust me, love is a rope, they circumscribe your hunger, don’t try increasing your strength because if you fail in the first trial, you will be feeling like giving up. But if you try increasing your hunger, 100 failures will never even let you stop fighting with the rope. Take this day to tell all your parents for what you write every-day in your diary, tell them what your dream means to your existence.
Dear parents, don’t pull your child, just push a little bit, because they need to decide the direction. Today is a day with another exam, marks are another form of memory test, results are just a device to choose university, it’s never related with your life. All the best for your exam and see you next Monday.
(The writer is a Motivational orator, who currently resides in Canada. He will be starting a new live talk show named “Live With Bir”. In which he will be interviewing inspiring personalities from all around the world. The dates for which will be announced soon. Show him your undying support by subscribing his YouTube channel “Live With Bir”. He can be reached at; Facebook – Birkarnelzelzit – Young Thoughts; Twitter – Birkarnelzelzit, INSTAGRAM – Birkarnal)

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