A call to become agents of change

Through your esteemed column I, a tax paying citizen, would like to place a humble request to the electorates (particularly the common masses) of Manipur- BEWARE of the suddenly-out-of-nowhere-appeared demonetised notes of five hundred/one thousand rupees given/distributed among the common electorates in almost every Leikai by (allegedly) the sitting MLAs and other filthily-super rich contractors to be deposited to your (read common electorates) personal/saving accounts.
QUESTION(S) you should be asking is /are: Why was it given after demonetisation and not before?? The answer is very obvious: It was/is not meant to help you but to help themselves.
They have no other way of disposing/dispensing those ill-gotten money (they know the BIG BROTHER is watching over them).
They will be caught and charged by the competent authorities the moment they deposit to their accounts. Giving/distributing those “money” amounts to buying/bribing you to vote for him/her.
Accepting them may lead/land you in deep trouble later on.
Whatever amount of money you are depositing may have even be monitored/tracked down and may even be frozen after 31st December.
Those “money” was/is an attempt to make you an accomplice in their attempt to free themselves from impending legal punishment and from the sin of accumulating black money. Do not accept those ill-earned money.
Let them deposit in their accounts and PAY TAX (which they all have been avoiding for the last 15/20 years or let the money lie in their cupboards (as useless piece of paper) and/or get itself burnt.
Be a part of the TEAM to throw/root out CORRUPTION and CORRUPT POLITICIANS from the soil of Manipur.

Yours sincerely
Prof Rajendra Kshetri, MU

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