When can we call ourselves as human ?

Richard Thounaojam
Human, the supreme animals have been living on this earth for the last few centuries; by virtue of its intellect, humans evolved and continue to be the master of all the creatures that ever inhabited the mother earth. Man,himself or through his inventions,has dived the deepest of the deep oceans, climbed the highest of the high mountains,flown in the boundless sky and even set foot on its only natural satellite, the moon. All these tasks were impossible to the pre-human life forms that existed before humans evolved. The most distinguishing factor which sets aside human from other creatures is the presence of cognitive rational behavior.Humans have the ability to decide and argue; they can differentiate what is right and what is wrong andhave the ability to think independently. Unlike other animals man can make relationships and establish connections throughout the world, making themselves the most sociable creature ever.He has learned to speak, write and communicate with the entire world through a common language of humanity. In fact, these are our proud privileges of being human.
Man grew and prospered. He has built families, from families to localities localities to communities and societies and ultimately the civilization in which we thrive today.And as our civilization prospered, maninvented arts, culture, researched the things around him and discovered “Science” which has changed the human lives completely.From food gathering to agriculture and from discoveries to inventions, the existence of mankind has been greatly mobilized and various complexities have come up and simultaneously evolved along with the human civilization.
In the past, man earned to sustain to its daily life of bread and butter only but the recent trail shows us a different story where man earns not just for living but forleisure too.This has made all the differences in our society. We have learned that “all man are equal” but in the real sense it is just a mere saying as man keeps dividing among themselves the rich and the poor, the high caste and the low caste, the whites and the blacks, etc. The rich try to dominate the poorer section of society in almost every field .Every now and then discrimination persists everywhere.In the long run,the rich and the powerful always get the upper hand, thereby, making its opponent voiceless. And thus, in today’s society the voiced triumphs over the voiceless and the rich have become richer and the poor became poorer. The meaning of truth and honesty seems to have lost nowadays, which disproves the famous saying “SatyamevaJayate”.
Today, we are living in a world of technological progress and human regrets. Humans have even reached to its neighboring planet, the Mars while there are uncountable beggars roaming the streets of the earth, creating huge lacuna. Millions suffer the agony of hunger everyday but instead of eradicating hunger or creating a vaccine against the dreaded HIV/AIDS or cancer. Every nation is interested in piling up arms and ammunition and instead they take pride with more numbers of lethal weapons they have in stock as if they are preparing for the next world war. The most colloquial fact on human can be recalled when “Guillotine”, a beheading machine used for execution, was invented during the French Revolution of 1789 by Joseph-IgnaceGuillotin (name referred from Wikipedia),who was a physician by profession and also a “Philanthropist”,A philanthropist is the one who works for the betterment of mankind; but quite contrary to its meaning, is it reasonable that a philanthropist invent something to execute its own kind ? We humans can feel that somewhere out in the universe, a divine being has been watching and caring for us. So we worship Him by different names; to some He may be Krishna, to others He may be Allah and to some He may be Christ and thus religion was borne. It is through the act of being human that we are able to keep in touch with the divine one. Religion and education teach mankind the moral of life. They show us the path and guide to live the life of human. No doubt, religion always teaches us to take only the right path, but it is the followers which change everything. Our act of being human tends to change sometimes owing to some negative impulses which may be greed, jealously, hatred, etc. which are a sin to ourselves. It has been deviated from the path religion and education has shown us. Thus, in the name of religion several crimes have been committed such as people slaughtered, stabbed and burned. All these are not the act of being human. At this stage, humans may be compared to the lowest of the low animals.
How bad the humans may be, they are the only animals with soul. They know the love and affection of their fellow beings, share their joy and suffering, and know the discipline of old and young. They know the real meaning of Dharma. Besides themselves they can think for the welfare of others animals that share the planet with them. They have taken up several steps to conserve the other inhabitants of earth. They have invented medicine not just to treat themselves but also to treat and save the lives of other animals which they cannot even communicate. It is our advantage of having the most advanced brain on this earth.
To live on this earth as a human is the noblest of all. We have done both harm and good to ourselves and to others but we should not let our sinful deeds outshine our good side. It is the culture of the world that wherever there is light, a small portion of darkness would be found in the light itself and vice- versa. To have pros and cones is the nature of everything. However the Libra always equalizes the imbalances in this world. We have come to learn that dinosaurs ruled our planet once but it is only through their fossil remains that we know about them. They have extinct 65 million years ago before humans descended because Mother Nature did not favour them. Similarly, who knows what may happen to our civilization also. In the future, we may be only some fossil replica to some advanced creature favoured by nature. This means life in this world is shortened uncertain. So, like every drop of water joins together to form the mighty ocean, we the humans should join hands and work together for a common commitment and that is to save the human race for a better tomorrow. It is only then our acts can be termed as the act of being human and call ourselves as real human being.
(The writer is a 3rd year student of B.V Sc. & A.H)

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