Candle light march bats for peace

IMPHAL, Dec 20 : Members of NEFIS, MSAD, DAMMS and UNIKAS held a candle light march at Arts Faculty, north campus, Delhi University for peace and harmony in Manipur amid the present situation of communal rift among different communities.
The organizations appealed to different communities to harmoniously reconcile their differences through dialogue.
In a statement, NEFIS said that the organizations are of the belief that there should be a mechanism for dialogue and consultations between different communities and added that the move to create new districts should have been taken with the consent of all communities and the State should have consulted different groups before deciding on the issue.
The gathering condemned the Manipur Government for creating such a situation where different communities find themselves at loggerheads with each other.
Addressing the gathering the speakers emphasized that the economic blockade and counter-blockade must be lifted to ease the hardship borne by the poor and labouring masses of all communities.
The speakers further demanded that all the arrested leaders of different communities be unconditionally released to facilitate dialogue and consultation among communities and addd that the democratic rights of any individual or community to protest against the present decision of Manipur Government should be upheld.
Any incidence of violence against common people that might have occurred in the present situation of economic blockade and counter-blockade in Manipur is condemnable, agreed the speakers and demanded that the Government should take immediate measures to facilitate dialogue to overcome trust-deficit between different communities.

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