Candle light tribute

Thoubal: On the 4th day of Yaoshang Festival, people of Heirok paid a candle light tribute (Meira katpa) to commemorate the death of three individuals who were killed during a Yaoshang Thabal on March 24, 2008.
Thokchom Romesh, Thokchom Promila and Laishram Nirmala were killed when unknown person/s fired upon the crowd during the Thabal on 4th day of the Yaoshang festival in 2008. Family members of the victims and people in large numbers paid candle light tribute at the dedicated memorial site near Heirok Part I Umang Laikon.
Every households at Heirok displayed candle lights at their respective gates to commemorate the unfortunate death of the victims. RPN Memorial Trust have been observing on March 24 every year as “Amamba Numit” (Black Day). RPN will be observing the 10th Amamba Numit on March 24.

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