Castle in the middle of boundaries

Toy gun industry has become an industry with huge boom because the psyche of the tiny beings is moulded completely by this society.
Reason for the environment during the upbringing stands true all the time. Even thought, scientific reason stands true and firm on the other side, lessons from environment are being counted more.
Leaving behind hereditarily attached learnings from fore-fathers through genes, almost all are from the day one of our dawn. 90% of the gays were not born as gays but due to the tendencies offered by their environments, only 10% relates to the metabolism of genes.
To clarify this cloudy talk, people those who are attracted to their same sex are called homosexuals. You must have heard the word HIJDA or Eunuch. They are the ones living behind, ‘what’s next?’.
Due to the population explosion in India and mainly a huge difference in sex ratio where male dominates all over the length and breadth, every 1:3 of the people encounter molestation, including boys and girls.
When you focus more on HIJDA, there is a tragedy flowing ever since, i.e. their suicidal case. When a girl reach teen, her mother becomes a person to lock all her secrets, she shares everything with her. But on the other bank, when a boy reach teen, he starts staying emotionally away, when it happens with a girlish boy, he attempts to suicide whenever there is any stress and strain in his life.
Upbringing of boy child with all the girls in the family is one of the supreme reason. The boy attains to be in the state of the rest beings. All the tendency offered is from the feminine angle, making the boy feel the feeling of the opposite sex.
In Hindu mythology, HIJDA’s are called the blessed ones. Which is truly wrong. Seeing them smiling, seeing them in groups laughing, it’s may make an impression in your head of them living in a blessed state.
But they feel that they are in danger, pushed away by all and sundry.
Funniest thing is that, if they are the blessed sons of GOD, then why are they roaming on the road, collecting money, spreading more in red light areas.
NIRVANA is the real, they have already changed their physical state. BIRUPIE are the ones after money, they act like ladies, they are emotionally and mentally totally male, HIZARA are ones who are totally changes and gone through sex change operations. CROSS DRESSERS are the ones who are just having girlish feeling and would like to stick with lady’s item.
In north India, they are paid heavily for crying when people die.
They go through this as a solid profession. When a new child starts its beginning with us, they are called for blessing them. Even if this makes us think that, this society values them, on the other bank, they are tortured, molested, in many parts of the India.
Now, India gives a huge platform for them. Sex change operations are done for free all over, they got another identity other than male or female. Before they faced huge problems in applying for jobs, bank transitions, etc. All MTF transgender people are given an identity card too.
Most think that, there is an impact of western influence in this.
But it’s truly not. In Hindu mythology, HIJDAS are a part of higher caste system. They honour Bahuchana mata, the mother goddess. Even in Muslims, it’s believed that they are created under Allah’s will.
Till 1990’s, in some parts of the India, the sex change operations were done so badly. The male part is just cut off after making the subject drunk, then they put oil and turmeric. If anyone dies during this operation, they are buried then and there. The whole world is lending their ears now and showing their empty hands, sign of readiness to help them. Separate toilets are there in some countries. Total population of HIJDA in India is about 14 crores.
Still in some parts of India, things are the same, they look down over them. Before the wall thickens, let’s do the right thing and stop making uncomfortable faces in their presence.
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