Dead man tells no tale. So it is that the truth seems to have disappeared with the body of Pravis Chanam all suggesting that there may be a conspiracy in the decision to dispose the body, even though the fact remains that an FIR had been lodged with Knowledge Park police station. Definitely Pravis Chanam will not be back to tell his story, and this is all the more reason why the truth should be dug out. And there are reasons to believe that there could have been a conspiracy if one takes into account the incidents after Pravish disappeared.

It is obvious that former Chief Minister O Ibobi will not be out of the news. And why not. Not only is Ibobi the longest serving Chief Minister of the State, being in the chair of the CM for 15 years on the trot, he will also go down as a man or a political leader who elicits extreme response. So while he will continue to be the undisputed leader of the Congress party in the Assembly as well as the undisputed political heavyweight from Thoubal Assembly Constituency and earlier Khangabok Assembly Constituency and of course for all the die hard Congress loyalists, to many others he will continue to be the rallying point to raise a stand against the Congress. It is in line with this that the United Naga Council recently issued a statement reiterating its stand against O Ibobi and by extension the Congress party.

High on promises. Obviously this means that the expectations of the people will also be high. It however remains to be seen how much distance the Government will walk to meet the expectations of the people. Not that anyone expects the Government to be able to meet all the expectations of the people, but the effort to deliver the goods should be there. As a seasoned political leader, no one will know this better than Chief Minister N Biren himself.

Moving away from the Imphal centric approach. Best exemplified by the Cabinet meeting held at Churachandpur some time back. Announcing that the Shirui Lily Festival will be upgraded to the level of the Sangai Festival. The attention focused on the Barak Festival held at Senapati not so long after the Shirui Lily Festival. Setting aside the 10th of every month as Hill Leaders’ Day wherein the Chief Minister and his Council of Ministers reserve the day to meet people from the hill districts ranging from Church leaders, NGO representatives and the village folks.

A 10 year old child back then would now have completed her schooling and would probably be in college now. A child back then would now be in her teenage years, no longer a child. This is how long the construction work of the Civil Secretariat at Chingmeirong has taken and the more bitter side of the story is that no one knows when it will be completed.

Human trafficking. This is unacceptable and the possibility of the involvement of big names cannot be ruled out. Poverty plus the yearning to ensure a better future for one’s child is the underlining factor for parents to willingly hand over their children, mostly young girls, to people who then traffick them to other parts of the country and the world. In the present case of Churachandpur,

We are 18 today. To the world, September 11 will obviously be remembered with the bringing down of the World Trade Centre and Osama bin Laden, but here in the remote corner of India, a revolution was being set in place with a group of young, dedicated professionals getting down to the business of bringing out the first edition of The Sangai Express on September 11, 1999. Time flies by. In 18 years, The Sangai Express has laid down the agenda of what a newspaper should be in Manipur. And this is no mean achievement.

Commendable move and should be noted. That is the decision of student body, Democratic Students’ Alliance, Manipur (DESAM) to ban plastics in the State. Would be more meaningful if other student organisations too back the stand of DESAM and see what they can do to neutralise the negative impact of plastic carry bags, not only to human health but also the environment. Perhaps this is where the All Naga Students’ Association, Manipur may extend its hand of co-operation and carry out a similar campaign in the districts where its writ runs large.