The clarion call sounded by various social organisations to boycott the visit of AICC president, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, in the backdrop of the silent conspiracy entered into between Delhi and Dhaka should not surprise anyone, given the situation he

In the first place we should be raising this question, “Why the heck do we need security forces to escort goods laden trucks and petroleum product carriers like oil tankers and bullet tankers (LPG) along the two National Highways, that is NH-39 and NH-5

Apart from the famished faces of naked children and the unhygienic and open nullahs with no toilet facilities, another very prominent factor that links the third world countries is the large scale corruption and the presence of a brutal regime or a bruta

Manipur is a funny place. Now just imagine Peter Sellers as the bumbling Inspector Clousseau (The spelling has us foxed at this moment) in the Pink Panther series taking on the role of a true blooded Manipuri and mouthing this line in his inimitable styl

RK Sanayaima alias Meghen, he of the royal family who once ruled Manipur, may be a hero and the most ‘charismatic’ rebel leader in the State to many people who identify with his ideology and methodology, while on the other hand, there may be many who

For those who attained adulthood or were in their mid-teens in the 80s, when colour television began to give a new definition to entertainment within one’s room, a corresponding rise in the field of advertisement was a natural fall out. So it is that wh

There is always a certain level of sentimental attachment, when one looks back at the years gone by and the changes that time brings. Nostalgia is perhaps an apt word to describe this sentiment and despite the modern amenities and the convenience the thre

Come November 10 and a bedecked Imphal, thanks to the window dressing exercise that has been going on for the last few weeks, will roll out the red carpet for Mrs Gandhi to inaugurate and dedicate the swanky, plush and newly constructed three all women ma

It is an irony, no doubt about it, and the temptation to call it the Mother of all Ironies hangs heavy in the air. The Ima Keithels, now in its new, posh avatar with modern lighting system, proper toilets today stand in all their glory awaiting the arriva