Incessant rain, not heavy downpour. That also for approximately 24 hours only and many areas of the valley are affected with water level of many rivers rising, overflowing of water from Chakpi river flooding Sugnu, Wapokpi and many other areas of Kakching, Keirak, Moirang, Naapat of Kumbi A/C and many other areas with paddy fields inundated and waist deep water especially in Sugnu and Wapokpi areas.

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Millions of sperms enter the female genital tract following intercourse. Of these only few reach the egg and only one is going to fertilise the egg. There must be a minimum number of sperms in adequate concentration to achieve this. Also only the sperms motile enough will be able to get anywhere near the egg. Moreover no defective sperm will be able to fertilise the egg and in the event it does, it’s unlikely that the pregnancy will continue.

The Mapithel dam of Thoubal Multipurpose Project is one of the oldest and most controversial mega dam development projects of Manipur which has attained over three decades in the construction phase. The project proponent, Irrigation and Flood Control Department (IFCD) Govt. of Manipur repeatedly furnished various reasons behind non-completion of the Mapithel dam project in such a long years. Some of the reasons are true in the pragmatic field. However, it is undeniable fact that the affected indigenous communities have been relentlessly objecting the Mapithel dam project for undermining their rights and the same is encircled with various infirmities and multifaceted violations of procedures, rules & norms, laws and national & International guiding principles that virtually obstructed the smooth and speedy work of the dam construction. Besides this, lack of serious concern and sincere deal on the part of the project authority might be yet another major factor that hampered the construction works.

It’s a common perception today that the problem of infertility is on the rise. The current trend of late marriages, delayed childbirth, focus on education and career, small family, gap between pregnancies,

Ekai Thabi (Manipuri)/ Water mimosa (English) is an aquatic floating perennial herb that attaches to the bank at the water edges and sends down a tap root. The North Eastern region of India particularly Manipur provide a favourable condition for mass propagation of water mimosa (Neptunia prostrata) owing to its ample rainfall, humidity and moderate range of temperature. Moreover, about 70% of the total population of four districts( Imphal East, Imphal West, Bishnupur and Thoubal) of the state practised with paddy cultivation as the major source of income and 20% of this population are poor and marginal farmers. In this article the author wishes to describe the taxonomy, preservation methods, propagation through seed, ecology, nutritional and medicinal values, cost benefit analysis of water mimosa cultivation in Manipur as well as suggestions for cultivation of water mimosa in their inundated paddy fields.

The news that the State Govt of Manipur is going to sponsor the first ever State Level Mera Houchongba Festival this year on October 5 is amazing and highly encouraging. In the early 70s, loving functionaries of a hill village to which the writer belongs, used to tell about it and their interaction with fellow hill chiefs in the royal palace in the 40s/50s fondly.

In what is seen as a bold move and a sign of the beginning of transparent governance and new Manipur, a First Information Report (FIR) was filed by Planning Department against former chief minister and now opposition leader, O Ibobi Singh, and five others on September 1, 2017 in connection with the alleged Manipur Development Society (MDS) scam of Rs.185.79 crores (approximately 30 million US dollars). As a government agency, MDS is responsible for implementing various projects of different government departments.

The origin of the privilege in the country dates back early in the Government of India Acts, 1919 and 1935. With the enforcement of the Constitution of India, the Art. 105 and Art. 194 dealt with the power, privilege and immunities of the Legislature of the Union and the State, the Committees and the members thereof. The Articles themselves provide for certain privileges, namely, freedom of speech in the legislature, immunity of member from any proceedings in any court in respect of anything said or any vote given by them in the legislature or any committee thereof, and also immunity from liability in respect of publication by or under the authority of the legislature of any report, paper, vote or proceedings.

Now, I am more interested in the loan part more than the speed of the Bullet train. Hurray! it is only 0.1% interest on 88000 crore, that too to be paid back in 50 years. Here in the middle of Imphal city the interest rate per month is 5% on loan with security like gold or land-pata or pension paper etc; without security it goes up to 10% and beyond . If Abe sab gives a loan of only 1000 core at the same interest rate and term as he has given to Modiji I will become a crore pati in no time. No doubt Gujaratis have great bargaining power (Gandhiji with Britishers). Moreover in lending-borrowing business we all know the borrower is the King (e.g., Kingfisher).