Generally, most of us are right handed since birth. So, higher percentage of works are done more by the right hand for us right handers. That’s why our right hand muscles starting from the arm upto the wrist are usually bigger than our left hands.

Dr Budha Kamei
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At the closes by two girls dancing together in the centre of the circle; the step is the same, but they change about as in a quadrille, and great use is made of movements with the hands. This and all the dances end by the men meeting in a close circle, holding up their daos and giving vent, simultaneously, to a long drawn hoey, once repeated.

Sometime ago, maybe a year or two, I wrote a series of four articles about Ruskin Bond on this page of the newspaper, narrating a bit of the work and life of this beloved hill-man storyteller and my bonding with him during our brief meetings in New Delhi. Every time we met in the capital city he invited me to visit his Landour home, near Mussoorie town, if I wish to have a long chat with him over a mug of beer. Ruskin Bond loves beer.

Introduction :
The Zeliangrong are one of the natives of Northeast India. Racially, they belong to Mongloid stock and speak the Tibeto-Burman language. Tradition says, the Zeliangrong ancestors originated from a cave recognized as Mahou Taobei; they moved to Makhel and to Ramting Kabin, and then to Makuilongdi, Senapati District of Manipur.

All the peripheral states of India, elected and governed by the people of the land, share international border with neighbouring countries, well fenced and defend the core of India making the nation stronger and stronger in all aspects of economic progress and guarding the sovereignty.

I’m beginning to wonder how much longer should we be reading of the cut off of highways and routes; taken by gruesome landslides, peoples displaced beause of their houses and shelters half-submerged. People taken to die: by rivers, turbulent; with landslides, buried deep by nature.
Helpless and shattered as we’ve been, either we consider this a natural routine of fear and unrest or a fine lack of development, rests on our decent selves.