Are you afraid to raise your hand in the class to ask the teacher for your doubts just because your friends sitting at the back of you will call you, “Over smart kid?” Are you scared to raise questions thinking the question might be stupid and all will laugh at you? Are you scared of sitting at the first bench just because the teacher might ask questions about the lesson?

Its role as a nursery for the availability of eccentricity, and for dissenting imaginations, is under threat Indians do not have the patience to focus on a problem for an extended period of time. We do not think of institutions in the long run. We panic when there is a crisis but when a crisis dims, we lose our focus. As a result, we are poor at institution-building. We treat institutions cosmetically, applying the latest management gloss or creating a fetish of numbers like the ritual of rankings. Today an institution such as the university is in crisis and yet there is no systematic response, no reflexivity, no sense of loss. The university reflects both a failure of sociological analysis and of storytelling. In fact, in the tired eyes of many of my colleagues, dedicated teachers, many who have nursed little undergraduate departments, one already senses the obituary of the institution. Death by neglect, death by illiteracy seems to be the quiet chorus.

The Aadhar Phenomenon: Aadhar has become a household name today.
The UIDAI – Unique Identification Authority of India, a GoI agency, had worked hard to enroll and issue 1.11 billion Aadhar numbers, about 91% of Indian population (2015), to its citizens thus far. The gigantic enrolment mission assigns 12-digit unique identification number (UID) to all enrolled residents of India. The particulars collected nation-wide are stored into a central data-base. UIDAI is in charge to implement UID scheme, manage, update define usage and interlink the same with partner databases in delivery of various services. Many countries had put in place this type of national identity identification system. Europe went one step ahead. In countries falling under European Union, a national identity card, that complies to certain standards, can, in most cases, be used by European citizens as travel document, in lieu of a passport.

With the dateline of assembly election approaching, President’s rule is out of question now. Even if Modi Government wants it, it has to take elction Commmission’s approval; and this is unlikely and impossible. I still maintain that PR must have been imposed before election notification. Had that been, BJP would have won the assembly election hands down and form the new government. They missed that golden opportunity. For Ibobi Govt. , if it handled the economic blockade properly- I mean by forcefully opening the 2 national highways with the help of central forces without blaming the centre and thereby making the essential commodities available – the congress govt. must have won the election hands down. Unfortunately both did not happen.

Modiji proclaimed that ‘there is nothing harmful in the accord’. He contemplated and wanted to rescue the people of Manipur from 10% syndrome. He enunciated that “maintaining law and order is the sole responsibility of the State government which includes dealing with the blockades; and no one has the right to rule if unable to maintain peace”. He also hinted an IIT for the State, promised irrigation for agriculture, jobs for youths and treatment for elderly people. The crowd was mesmerized and workers energized.

Imaging is essential for accurate diagnosis of breast disease and early detection of breast cancer. Mammography and Ultrasound are the first line investigations for the imaging of breasts. A mammogram is an x-ray picture of the breast. It is used to find breast tumors and cancer in women who either have no signs or symptoms of a disease or have a lump or other signs of breast cancer.

The Election season is back. This time around it is famous for the many infamous happening.The attack on Gaikhangam convoy (not fake encounter huh).The curious act of big-shot politicians doing the somersault. Never in the wild dreams do you expect Mister Phungzathang Tonsing to quit congress, let alone Nemcha Kipgen embracing BJP tenaciously. What they say is true; in politics, nothing is final until it is final. It is also equally true that politics is about winning elections. In this age, the idea enunciated by the great thinker Machiavelli is true: the Ends justify the means.

By handing over the rein of the government to Dr. Shürhozelie Liezietsü, as the new chief minister of Nagaland, replacing incumbent T.R. Zeliang, the ruling Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN) has tried to kill two birds with one stone. The 81-year-old Liezietsu is very popular Naga leader not only in his own state Nagaland, but the hilly areas of neighbouring Manipur also, which is called “South Nagalim” by Naga people, where elections are being held on 4th and 8th of March. The BJP, which has four MLAs in the state, and is the part of new ruling Democratic Alliance of Nagaland (DAN), will also get benefits in Manipur elections, it is presumed, But whether the new CM of Nagaland Dr. Liezietsü, will also be playing any role in easing out the tension in Manipur, which is facing acute crisis due to the economic blockade imposed by UNC (United Naga Council) is being asked by observers.

The Election Commission of India has already scheduled the dates of the 11th State Assembly Election likely to be held si the 4th and 8th of March 2017 for the valley and hill areas in a phase manner. So all the political parties have started campaigning such as, Flag- hosting ceremony, campaigning from door to door, Public-meeting, small camera meeting in full swing by promising right and wrong commitments in every nook and corner of Manipur.

Teaching is an ever evolving process. Traditional system of education has become old school. Nowadays teaching has become a creative and interactive vocation with many technical aides contributing to the process. As per my opinion, education is “Preparing a learner for a better tomorrow”. Even though, I, being a novice in the podium of education put forward my humble views in the process of education viz-a-viz the teaching-learning process.

Dear Manipur, I’ve just come back from spending some quality time with you and may I tell you, they were among the best days of my life. You might call it favouritism, but of the rest of my life’s best days, a significant number were spent with you. My early childhood, for example.

Introduction: Japanese Encephalitis is a mosquito borne viral infection caused by a virus belonging to the genus Flavivirus transmitted mainly by the vector Culex Tritaeniorhynchus in the most endemic region in Asia. It is a zoonotic disease infecting mainly animals and incidentally man. The initial viral replication occur in the local and regional lymphnodes and viral invasion of the central nervous system occur probably by infecting blood.