As the nation celebrates Paryatan Parv between 5 -25 October under the aegis of Ministry of Tourism, Govt of India, getting into the spirit of the objectives of the festival become important. Though travelling and tourism plays a great role in boosting up the economy, its spiritual aspects in evolving a human being are to be more cherished and raved about. Tourism has a soul stirring and exhilarating experience over people which help widen their horizons.

On the first (our) FIFA U17 match against America, at the entrance, a security chap asked me, “Which team are you supporting?” I said, ‘Manipur’; my daughter yelled and corrected me from behind ‘India, India’. The same security person told me to leave all my belongings at the entrance as I could carry only the mobile and wallet inside. He didn’t allow me to carry even the coins in my pocket. Perhaps the coin collection on the first day itself might have crossed many thousands (number of spectators 46 thousand).

Six times Mr World, three times Mr Asia, 12 times Mr India and champions in innumerable national body building championships – herculean achievements, achievements which are meant for superhumans only, not for mere mortals and still remaining as a non-entity in mainland India. In a fast developing country like India, one of the largest democratic country in the world with “Freedom of Expression” as one of its Fundamental Rights enshrined in its Constitution mushrooming with goliath and renowned media houses,

It is only natural for humans to be visual-centric which led to the foundation of the perception of ‘Seeing is Believing’. Given a choice, everyone would prefer to be in front of a TV set than to tune in a radio! Because seeing is not only believing but also helps in shaping our reality, if there is anything such as reality – as Einstein once remarked, ‘reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one’. If you see something for yourself, you will believe it to exist or be true despite being unusual or unexpected necessarily implying that what is not seen is not believing, however real it may be! The recently created‘anti-corruption’ cell of the Government of Manipur apparently works on this principle of ‘seeing is believing and not seeing is not believing’ since any complaint therein must be duly authenticated by a photo or a video (unedited of course) evidence to get the accused person penalized!

The recent rescue of young women including minors from Churachandpur district in neighboring Myanmar gives us goose-bumps. It is shocking and unfortunate. But such reports are not the first and are not likely to be the last. This incident is yet another indication of the present situation in Manipur, particularly in tribal hill districts as most traffic victims were from these areas.   

There, of course, is nothing wrong in dreaming big for the country — nothing wrong in aspiring to become an economic and military super power. Indeed, there’s nothing wrong in emulating already developed countries like USA, Japan, Germany, France, UK and other smaller but developed nations whose infrastructures and economies have been fully developed and there seem nothing more left to develop and their GDP growths have come almost to a grinding halt. India, whose population is second only to China and in terms of area moderately large – larger than most countries in the world, as it is the seventh largest country in the world.

There is power production of 58303.35 MW from renewable energy sources in the country. The solar energy production is 13114.85 MW in the country. The nation has target of 100 gigawatt solar energy production by 2022. For this target (100 GW), there will be need of Rs 5 trillion. In most part of the country, the solar radiations are 5.6 kWh/ m2/day.