Like every year, the people of Manipur will be celebrating the Patriot’s day on the 13th of August. It is supposed to be a day to remember and rejoice the bravery of our forefathers. Young and old alike will take part in the celebration but in the last few years this particular day has also turn into a day of frustration for many who were caught in the traffic jam created by the high thinking Government people.

(An extract from my forthcoming book “Beautiful Manipur Hills”)
Over all the things created by God, man, i.e., the image of God is given dominion; to rule, use, care, enjoy, respect and be grateful for the goodness, wisdom and power of the Creator. However, God does not authorise man to destroy His creation. In the struggle for survival and fulfilling the passions for comfort, artificial beauty, riches, power and greed; the uncontrolled activities of exploiting nature is increasing day by day, year by year. It is very clear that man is suffering and will be suffering because of his own deeds and short sighted creation, pride and quest. Doesn’t mean to say all the things invented by man are bad. Looking at the ailing condition of the present environment, a conclusion can be made that man is just a destroyer and not a healer. Man cannot heal nature. Only nature can heal by itself because nature and its laws are engineered by the wisdom of God. Therefore, man should respect and leave nature alone to heal.

Television has thrown the seeds of transition into the society. It moulds various effective aspects very largely and influentially. Television has assisted in the exploration of our mind and manipulation of our imaginary thinking. Television is intricately attached with our daily lives, which becomes successful in yielding much speculation on the seen objects in our mind. According to Marshall Mc.Luhan “If the movie was the mechanism of movement and gesture TV was the electrification of the same. The innovation of satellite and cable TV has made a new revolutionary era in the field of world Television. A pioneering contribution with regard to the use of TV came from Surgeon Generals study in the U.S.A.

In the recent Assam strike over ST (Scheduled Tribe) status, called by the state’s six communities [Koch Rajbongshi, Moran, Matak, Tai Ahom, Chutia and Adivasi (Tea Tribes)] of Assam, demanding Scheduled Tribe status for them, there was a slogan of “No ST, no rest”. Supporting the protest, the president of the Tinsukia unit of All Tai Ahom Students Union, told The Telegraph, “This is just the start. The BJP governments in the state and the Centre have betrayed us and we will not stop short of anything but ST status even if Assam has to burn. The governments shall be responsible for the consequences of their betrayal.” It was reported in The Telegraph, dated 4th of July, 2017.

As the state and the central government implement plans-some ongoing as well as completed- in Manipur, many families are being displaced and many livelihoods affected by projects as the road widening and expansion in Imphal city, construction of the Mapithel dam, Loktak Hydro-electricity project and the under-construction railway route till Imphal to name a few. This is not to say that development shouldn’t be an agenda. Neither should there be any move to stop any projects for the larger good of the society.

1: Introduction : Any Lump in the Breast should never be neglected. In younger patient they are generally benign but breast cancer is very common in woman over 50 years. Lack of awareness, late diagnosis and Inadequate treatment are important reasons for poor outcome of the treatment for breast cancer in India. 2: Mammography – It is one of the specific type of breast imaging technique to diagnose Breast Cancer  using a low dose X-Ray In short it is called a picture of Breast. Ultrasonography along with Mammogram gives better understanding of the breast lump in younger woman USG. Screening Mammogram – It is done once a year and under the guidance of doctor for “high risk” group as a part of the general health check up in healthy womanDiagnostic Mammogram – It is used to evaluate a patient with abnormal clinical findings like lump in breast. Mammogram combine with USG gives better understanding of the breast lump and local lymphatic system

There have been reports of numerous cases of trafficking of women and children in India over the past few years, the victims mostly girls from villages or conflict/natural disaster-hit areas. Local agents lure them with good prospects and take them to towns and cities where some of them end up in brothels or sold as domestic helps and confined in the homes of their employers. The boys are forced to work as bonded labourers.

There is a racket suspected to be running inside the MPSC which needs to be busted in no time. It will not also be difficult to bust the racket if the state Govt., has the will to do so as the racket seems to be confined within the examination section only. Their responsibilities are the conduct of examinations held periodically and carry out evaluation of the answer-scripts thereof, by engaging experts. Instead, they are creating series of room for favoritism and nepotism through manipulation of marks.

Hello daddy, I am not weak, am just … not so strong. I just want to write something to you today. Ever since I knew you are my dad, I have been guided by fear, fear everywhere. If I cry at night just because I am hungry, Mom or both of you kept telling me that an old owl will come and suck my tears to death if I didn’t stop crying. Please know this, I did stop crying not because I was strong, just because I was so scared, you used FEAR to guide me. Nobody told me to do good things, even you, in the name of God but just in the fear of going to hell for if I do bad things then God will punish me.

The aftermath of the failure of the Cripps Mission was a period of anxiety and discontent, it failed to solve the political deadlock in India which had convinced the Congress that the communal problem would best be solved if the British leaves India immediately. Because it was felt that the British was deliberately making the problem acute by supporting the League secretly. Congress also felt that the impending Japanese invasion against India was more intense because of the presence of the British in India and was of the confirmed view that an effective resistance against the Japanese aggression could be organized only by a popular government.

India’s review of National Voluntary Review (NVR) on implementation of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) during the UN High Level Political Forum on Sustainable Development at UN Headquarters on 19 July 2017 needs a closer introspection on the objectivity and relevance of such reviews. During India’s VNR review of SDGs adopted earlier in September 2015 with Seventeen goals, Indian officials, mostly from the Niti Aayog, highlight flagship programs like the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme, the Swatch Bharat Mission, introduction of Aadhar, demonetization, Goods and Service Tax (GST) etc as progressive initiatives, to eradicate extreme poverty despite multiple challenges of such initiatives on common people. The Indian officials, while presenting glory tales of achievement and success, also elaborated how the Government carried out wide consultations with the State Governments and local government bodies etc in preparing the VNR report.

A few days back the Union minister of Women and Child Development, Manekaji suggested legalization of Ganja (marijuana) for medical purposes. She made her suggestion in a meeting of a group of ministers (GOM) on drugs demand reduction policy. The GOM was chaired by Rajnathji Union Home minister (wishing him a quick recuperation from fracture). If I remember correctly the NITI Aayog Member Bibek Debroy also made a similar proposal a few months ago. His argument was more on economics rather than medicinal.