“I saw a girl, she was walking by – then she turned around, her hairs revolved around her axis,” then what? You are in love? Or You fall in love? Or You are such a pervert. Falling in love for no reason – that’s true but there should be a reason to ‘fall in love with no reason too.’ You know what true love is? It’s nothing but owning the courage to hurt the person you love; your parents. Because you trust their love so much and know they will still love you – even after all the mess you did.

We talk about human rights as every individual has rights. For simple understanding according to OHCHR ,human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

According to you, who should get the highest salary in the world? The winning reply was “mother should get the highest salary”, for taking care of the whole family and nurturing & moulding the children. After listening to this sapient reply of Miss Chhillar I have considerably changed my opinion about these beauty contests. Normally I do consider such contest a rat race in futility also and a show of pomp and vanity which is highly commercialized and exploitative. In my second thought I have a strong feeling that given a chance this platform of beauty pageant can be a wonderful medium of preaching powerful ideas for bringing about positive changes in the society.

When Ningkhan Shimray formally took over as army chief, or longvibu, of the National Socialist Council of Nagalim’s Isak-Muivah group, or NSCN (I-M) earlier this week, it signalled more than an appointment. My conversations with some insiders point to seismic shifts and churn within the rebel structure.

The woe of recent flood triggered me an idea of possible alternatives to avoid or mitigate the recurrent of the same difficulties in future. As we know, there are multifold factors and causes of such frequent water worries in Manipur. They are unattended deforestation in the catchments, anarchical drainage system, chaotic residential occupation, mindless garbage dumping into the rivers, discriminatory Ithai barrage and Loktak Project. On top of this the tragic burial of Pats/lakes and wetlands in and around Imphal is crucial.

Manipur known as ‘Kangleipak’ has its history as an independent princely state since 33 A.D. spanning in terms of millenniums till it merged to the Indian Union. Hard to believe? As a kingdom, Kangleipak had umpteen battles with its neighbouring country Myanmar, the erstwhile Burma. Of all, Kabaw Valley always remained a bone of contention between Burma and Kangleipak. In the valley, a river called Ningthi Turel flows which is known for its resourcefulness. When we were kids, elders used to narrate to us that Ningthi Turel is abound with gold, gems, other precious stones and jewels. The Kabaw valley is also a resourceful valley with lotta trees growing such as Teak, Ebony, Mahagony and the likes. As per Treaty of Yundabun 1825, Kabo Valley is the rightful property of Kangleipak. The irony is that Kabaw Valley which included Ningthi Turel was given away to Myanmar by the first Prime Minister of India Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Till now, we are asking ourselves the question, “On what basis and for what palpable reason the valley was given away to Myanmar. Was it an intention to prune Manipur and make it smaller for easy dominance or was it a show off that India had adopted democracy after independence from British imperialist rule?” Questions galore. Uncertain answers.

What is Christmas?
Every time Christmas comes, we become jubilant to meet our siblings, our parents, our friends, our relatives, our Church members, and other acquaintances. We gift gifts and cakes celebrating Christmas. A huge sum of money is spent to celebrate Christmas, both as individual and community. We celebrate proclaiming that the Savior of the world has come.
But how often do we realize why we celebrate Christmas? The easiest answer we can give without a pause is because of Jesus Christ- it is His birthday and He is our Savior. But how seriously do we take His birthday? How sure are we that He is our Savior? How deeply do we mean when we say Jesus Christ is our Savior? To what extent do we personally know Jesus Christ? Only when we know Him do really know the true meaning of Christmas!

There is 40.3 %  agricultural mechanization in seedbed preparation which includes 24.7% by animal drawn equipment and 15.6% by tractor drawn equipment. The percentage of farm mechanization in sowing operation is 28.9% and harvesting of wheat and paddy is mechanized 47.8% and 4.4%, respectively. There is 0.56% and 0.37% mechanization by reapers and and combines. The share of agricultural workers, draught animals and tractors and stationary engines are 5.09%, 6.37%, 51.08% and 37.46% respectively in India.

In the Land of Limat there ruled a Queen who was called Ammul; so, everything in her Limat fiefdom was utterly-butterly … no, no, not delicious but confusious! All Her Majesty’s Ministers were hunch-backed, because they were too, too much subservient to her; quite often, rather whenever they got a chance, they did prostrate namashkar at her golden feet to relieve the hunchback pain. What a novel yoga idea! Depending on her mood, the Queen was maverick, dictatorial, idealistic, idiotic, etc., etc. And she was called Moo (no, not by the cattle, but by cattle-like people). This is not because of reverence or love but out of fear. But she could also be unbelievably so naïve that she dreamt of capturing the Empire’s gaddi (throne) at Ihled and be the Empress of Aidni!

It takes all my ears and laughter when I hear celebrities committing suicide; for it made me think why are they still not happy with all the money they have in their bank and upon getting golden fames. And while you are standing next to the ATM machine, five thousand rupees in left hand and your right hand supporting the work against gravity to not let the phone fall from your right ear for you are quarrelling with your father for sending just that much bucks; you never notice that two homeless kids just walk-pass, enjoying the time of their life since they just got 10 rupees. Why so many levels? Just now I realise, happiness is the nothing but having the ability of contentment. How big you are, how small you are, until you are happy with what you have, you will suffer from emptiness in this overpopulated world till your soul departs.

The Genesis of Ranglong: The term ‘Ranglong’ is also simultaneously used as ‘Langrong’ by different scholars and writers. For instance, GH Damant, in his book ‘Notes on the locality and Population of the Tribes Dwelling between the Brahmaputra and Ningthi Rivers’ published in 1880, by Stanford University, USA, in the ‘Journal of Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland’ and GA Grierson, in his research work,

December 1, 2017, was the year’s World AIDS Day, and the theme this time was ‘Right to Health’. Only 54% of the adults and 43% of the children with HIV are receiving Anti-Retroviral Therapy (ART). The rest are out there – not diagnosed and not on ART. This is a challenge. Additionally, insurance companies often refuse to cover persons with HIV under their health insurance – even when they suffer from non- HIV related ailments. If we are hospitalised for an accident, we have medical insurances to cover our expenses.