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Recent genetic evidence on Y chromosome haplotype distributions outlines a picture about the origin and dispersion of Sino-Tibetan populations. A total of 31 indigenous Sino-Tibetian populations were studied by typing 19 Y chromosome biallelic and 3 Y chromosome microsatellite markers in 607 male individuals including Naga. The ancestors of the Sino-Tibetan population were originally from southern East Asia.

The Zeliangrongs are one of the natives of Northeast India. Myths, legends and traditions narrate the origin and migration of the Zeliangrong people. However, the actual original homeland and the migration routes of the Naga tribes including the Zeliangrong into the present habitat have not been fully studied.

To many of us articles on tourism potential in Manipur might sound like an overdose and might have already crossed the threshold of readers’ patience. But until unless a modest level of tourists inflow is achieved the articles are here to stay. It is a must, has to be digested fact. We need to develop liking, though unpalatable, to such articles.

With the election and the political intrigue of government formation over, for most individuals in Manipur, it is back to the everyday grind of their “normal” lives—a normality defined by inefficient governance, corruption, ethnic divides and its concomitant politics of the “others”, diktats of armed groups, martial powers of the police and armed forces, infrastructural deficiencies, etc, to name a few.

The author already expressed his opinion about organic wastes management for Khwairamband bazar( Imphal City) through vermitechnology (The Sangai Express, Imphal September 10,2016 issue). In this article, the author made an attempt how non-biodegradable solid wastes for Khwairamband bazar could be managed through the sincere effect of the Imphal Municipal Corporation.

“Dream small to achieve big”
You might be in the category of those who are being teased for wearing unbranded cloths and wearing dirty cloths. People must be laughing at you for being poor. Do you know that one day there will be traffic jam in every road that you take because everyone will be praying for if they can see you for once in their life? The trick is simple, just follow your heart you will be the traffic jam creator and if you follow crowd from the beginning of your life, then you will be one of those who got stuck in the traffic.

The history of corruption is deep rooted. Now it is a shame that despite fifty years of independence India figures at 76th of most corrupt countries of the world. The credit for this goes to those who lack in morals and who exploited their positions, status or resources for personal gains. Corruption eats into the vitals of the system like cancer.

The fifteen year long reign of Indian National Congress under the leadership of Shri. Okram Ibobi Singh has finally come to an abrupt end. The former footballer, journalist turned politician and former congressman Shri Nongthombam Biren Singh has been appointed as the leader of the new government. People of Manipur had been wondering as to what would be the outcome of the General Election of 2017, what would be the popular mandate of the voters.

Many situations in life upset us, and we wonder how we can remain ethical in the face of these daily challenges. Each moment we are confronted with choice between right and wrong. Whenever there are other people involved, there are bound to be situations where we disagree with what they are doing. Everyone is trying to live out his own life, and sometimes there are clashes between what others want and what we want.

The economic blockade in Manipur this year has exceeded the 120 days record of 2012, something that seems to have become a ‘way of life’ in Manipur. After four months of continuous blockade of NH 2, has the UNC been able to achieve its stated objectives? Have we the Nagas been able to convince the Manipur Govt to reconsider their decision of establishing new districts? Was this the most effective approach by UNC? As the elections gets over, it is time that the Nagas take a mature and pragmatic view of the core issue instead of continuing the economic blockade without gaining anything tangible.

One of the rewarding careers for students may be studying a subject to know more about human being and its past. Well, in this regard the subject that comes to our mind is Anthropology. The term Anthropology has been derived from two Greek terms namely ‘anthropos’ which means human and ‘logos’ means study. Thus Anthropology is the study of human beings in its absoluteness. Anthropology is the study of various aspects of humans within past and present societies. Social anthropology and cultural anthropology study the norms and values of societies.