Mistakes and misdeeds are unavoidable part of the karma whether committed knowingly or unknowingly but to some guilty yet sensitive souls, escaping the agony of repentance becomes a terrible task ever. They rue their wrongdoings, desperate to undo the past and wish they could prove themselves right. To such a regretful person, unanticipated kindness in the form of forgiveness is like offering water to a dying person. To forget and forgive the transgressions of such repenting souls is like opening a new lease of life to them. To such dispirited and the guilt-ridden, the forgiving and the merciful seems to be not less than the incarnation of God himself.

Providing jobs and creating means of livelihood for the unemployed mass are enormous challenges the government need to resolve. The problem is not only for our state but for other states too. However, it is more acute in Manipur as there are no industries or factories in the state to employ large number of people. A few jobs that the government did offer in the past carried a large price tag for each job. One major reason for the offshoot of many ‘insurgency’ groups in the state is due to pervading and extensive unemployment.

Live with the passion to love. Live to live. And it matters what your definition of living is. Your definition of living is of crucial importance as it really determines how you live. Despite the fact that most people chooses to live, to live life just the way they want to live, which is either irrational or made up of delusions. Remember, that your reasons to live must never be another man’s misery but you must rather be a trustworthy soul who brightens someone else’s day.

Of late, oil companies such as Oil India Limited (OIL), the Asian Oilfield Survey Limited, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC), Jubilant Energy, Alphageo etc has been involved in aggressive efforts to explore and drill oil from Manipur. Ever since the Asian Oilfield Services Limited bagged a Rs 143-crore contract from the Oil India Ltd (OIL) in January 2017 for 2D seismic data, the company commenced oil surveys in Jiribam, Tamenglong and Imphal West Districts in Manipur.

The art of bone-setting for bone fractures, bone injuries, sprain injuries and twisted dislocation etc., and the use of traditional knowledge and technology such as bamboo splints locally known as watchap thaba is a well-known local health tradition since time immemorial in Manipuri society. The contribution of Maiba-Maibi Laiyeng Pathap, especially by the Sharugi Maiba and their knowledge and hands-on practices have serious implications for public health. Within this domain of traditional knowledge and medicine, the role of medical sociology is paramount for wider dissemination of knowledge for the protection, preservation, and promotion of health and well-being of the masses. The World Health Organization (WHO) has estimated that about 80% of the world populations presently use herbal medicine for their primary healthcare.

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