NH-2 is now unmistakably in a highly deplorable dilapidated state that a distance which would normally take only one and half hour to travel by any motor vehicle takes more than three hours. Innumerable potholes beautify the highway beginning from just beyond Sekmai. But I felt a bit relieved when somebody told me that the government had actually thought of renovating the highway but because of the torrential monsoon rains the highway development work has been suspended for some time; hopefully the highway will be developed to a status deserving its name very soon when a new favourable climate sets in a few months from now. Perhaps, we should not lose hope and become totally pessimistic. But one thing comes out quite glaring that the Indian National Highway 2 has been lying pitiably in a state of utter neglect on the part of all who are responsible of taking its care.

Our Nation is indebted to patriotic martyrdom of the countrymen.
The works of martyrs were written by the ink of blood but their histories were written by the sweats and strains of scholars. All the deeds of great men of the distant past are the lighthouse of faith and courage for the present and poster generations. The pride, glory and prestige of the nation would be lost and gone to naught if citizens forget to honor their heroes and heroines. Oral and written account of the past patriots has kept alive and restores the forgotten history that the present generation may straighten and strengthen the way of life of the nation. 

LEN—this is the new name of the veteran rock group PHYNYX. It may sound like just a dumpy derivation of the name Len Gangte, the band’s front-man; it really is in a sense; but it in other way is actually an acronym that reads ‘Lord’s Eastern Nomads’ in expanded form. In my opinion,

“Neither did he pardon the ancient world when he unleashed the waters of the flood upon the world of wicked people, but protected only Noah, the preacher of righteousness, and seven other people”. 2 Peter 2:5

Your dreams in your diary should mould your future not handwriting

Success is not all about obtaining best results but conquering the will to try everything your heart wants. Failure is not about getting less or falling down, failure is just all about giving importance to your fear of trying. You can’t be a failure in life if you don’t give up, and you can’t stand in the middle of failing and winning, either you win or lose. If you don’t give up, you are 100% proven that you will be a winner. Success is not a prize or a trophy, it’s a feeling, same goes to failure, it’s too a feeling, it’s all decided by whether you have the feeling to try or stop trying.

Education in Manipur: The need for reform, innovation and vision

Introduction: An educated individual can observe, perceive and plan in a more effective and efficient manner than one who is uneducated. An educated workforce will therefore invariably yield a greater economic output for the state that invests in its education. The initial cost of investment to yield such a workforce may appear to be substantial at first; however, it must be noted that the equitable distribution of quality education that is formally standardized in a state has many long term positive effects:- (1) Generation of human capital (through an educated, and thereby, qualified workforce); (2) Reductions in population growth rates & gender inequalities and (3) Attraction of national and foreign investment (MNCs, NGOs and private enterprises desire qualified human capital).

A man is peeing in a deserted area behind a tree and if another man comes and perform a similar act under the next tree, whether it amounts to violation of privacy? This question was put on me when I was at the Bar. I told him frankly that now the Apex Court has to decide on case to case basis.

Political science is a social science discipline that deals with systems of government and the analysis of political activity and political behavior. It deals extensively with the theory and practice of politics which is commonly thought of as the determining of the distribution of power and resources. It is the study of politics and power from domestic, international, and comparative perspectives. \It entails understanding political ideas, ideologies, institutions, policies,

What is a Biopsy? Dr David Howdijam MD A biopsy is a sample of tissue taken from the body in order to examine it more closely. A doctor recommends a…