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On June 13, 2001, AMUCO met the Defence Minister, George Fernandes, who was on a visit to Imphal, and apprised him of the apprehension and he was also reminded the call of the people : “No extension of ceasefire to Manipur

Liniment for Arthritis. 2 drops essential oil of cloves, 3 drops essential oil of eucalyptus, 3 drops oil of wintergreen, 7 drops oil of camphor B.P., 2 tablespoons olive oil.

The question of threat to the spirit of Manipur came in the minds of the public around 1980s especially after the NSCN(IM) under the leadership of Thuingaleng Muivah started pushing for his top agenda—the Nagalim; though it was during the NNC period tha

Nowadays almost all the countries of the globe have been successfully democratised in view of the merits of democracy which, too, strictly speaking, is not free from some demerits in case people remain uneducated. Anyway, democracy has rightly been hither

We are around 4000 street vendors. We are represented by Roadside Vendors Welfare Association, Khwairamvand Keithel, Manipur Keithel Nupi Marup, Khwairamvand Keithel, Manipur Keithel Phambi Apunba Lup, Khwairamband Keithel. Our organisations are members o

(contd from previous issue)

According to FAO (Food and Agricultural Organization) estimates, 7.3 million hectares of the world’s tropical forests disappear each year. It is an undisputed fact that the forest plays a major role in conditioning the glo

The UN has declared 2011 the International Year of Forests to better protect the planet’s lungs. Forests once covered half of the Earth’s landmass. Now they cover less than one…

At first, I may have mistaken Christ University for calling myself as a Christite without its recognition. However, I found Christ University as an institution worth much approving when I came out in other places. No matter it took just about almost a yea

The power of innovation is a talent everyone possesses. Yet so many people think they don’t have such talent. Have you ever wondered at someone’s creative ability and wish you too had it? Well, cheer yourself up! To be honest, everyone is born creativ

What is happening to Global Biodiversity?

Almost all of earth’s ecosystems have been extensively affected by the impact of man and this damage to our ecosystems does not seem to be slowing down. Biodiversity is being lost at a rate of 1000 times