The new decade saw some with hope and some with despair and some with no difference. Time goes on and good times and bad times come as the natural cycles of life. The largest economy in the world had had the bad times sometime last year and it did crash a

Besides, the Indian National Congress which was represented by 211 out of 233 participating members, wisely decided to push on with the work of constitution-making. On December 13, 1946 Jawahar Lal Nehur moved the “Objectives Resolution”, which was pa

After 56 years of British rule, independent Manipur successfully conducted general Assembly elections in the 53 Assembly constituencies of the State in accordance with its own Constitution, “the Manipur State Assembly Constitution Act 1948” which had

Self esteem is nothing but self worth, self confidence and self respect. If you don’t respect yourself, who will respect you? This is the biggest question in self development. You have to respect yourself. Only then others will respect you. If you are a

Besides, the administration which was carried on by the British political Agent in consulatation with the Vice President or President of the Darbar over the tribal areas on behalf of the Maharaja and further the exclusion of tribal administration from the

Our country’s greatest security threat is methodically expanding its spheres of influence into the traditionally unstable regions of troubled Northeast, latest analysis reports of the South Asian Intelligence Review published said : As per the report, C

Their contempt for the English grew so strong that they had not thought of the far reaching consequences of their practice which was devised to keep themselves aloof from the supporters of the English and to isolate those who were patronized by the Engli