You have been told time and again by your parents and teachers, “Work hard.” That is a good advice. But do you know that not all the hard working people are successful in their life? If you want success in anything you do, you have to work smart. Smar

The tragic event on September 11, 2001 (better known as 9/11) has changed the lives of many thousands. A well-trained 19 al-Qaeda militants hijacked four passenger jets to hit different targets in the United States of America. This year marks its 10th ann

Denoting the sense and sensibility of an ideal dream Pakhang, this maxim is one of the best of its kinds I have ever come across. Any Leishabi would but love to have one such Pakhang as her beau or perhaps her dream Knight in shining Thaang-saang. Whatsoe

To fell a tree by axe or saw a V-shaped cut is first made on the side to which the tree is to fall; this cut is called the under-cut and it should go in about a quarter or a third of a diameter. The back cut is then made horizontally on the opposite side

As I entered the class room a guy started laughing at me, I replied with a sardonic smile rightfully, which seemed like a sensible thing to do. Well, he kept on laughing as if it was the biggest joke. It was absurd. I looked at him and asked, “what’s

After the trees have been grown and tended to maturity the forest manager has a vital part to play in deciding how they are to be harvested. Today, with so much emphasis on the amenity value of forests, the forester had not only to consider what is the be

Meadowsweet. Infusioj of flower clusters – The flowers and leaves contain the same salicin which is found in willow and which is a component of aspirin. How much more soothing and pleasant to simmer 25g in 600 ml of water for 10 minutes. Strain and drunk