Kangpokpi is a very small town bounded by high hills around, abundant of trees releasing fresh air, flowing a very fresh water river through it, infact, it’s a hot spot of biodiversities and a healthy gift of nature to live. Different types of communities like Nagas, Kukis, Meities and Nepalese living together will sense u a true taste of secularism in the society. Commercially, economically, geographically, politically they are in touch with one another since decades.

Reference is invited to the Letter to the Editor titled “Back door entry at MPSC” published in your esteemed newspaper of 2nd September. The assumptions and allegations made in the letter are atrocious to say the least. It appears that the writer either does not know what he is talking about or has purposely provided half truths to bolster his contention. The following are clarified so that your readers are not misled.

With due respect I, the undersigned have the honour to submit humbly this representation for your kind consideration and takes necessary prompt action. That SSB organisation was established in the year 1962 while Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru was the Prime Minister of India with the aim and object of promoting the backward people of Border States of India to build a strong India through binding love and attachment of oneness.

In the recently held online SSC (CGLE) -2017 from 5th August 2017 to 22nd August 2017 at various allotted centres in the North East, the Oriental Naga Academy, Ukhrul was one of the allotted centre. It is very good and encouraging that allotment of such centres will increases employment for the qualified and intending candidates particularly from the district. But, despite the conveniences and improvements provided by the commission, I would like to share some of the inconveniences faced at the centres, particularly the above mentioned centre. Mention may be made that various issues were faced by the appearing candidates and would like the commission to draw kind attention so that the future aspiring candidates would not face the problems/issues in the near future again.

I’m writing you this as a responsible citizen dreaming and hoping of a better India. I’m sorry I do not know enough norms on how to write you a letter but I do sincerely respect you as the leader of the country. I’m here trying to write you my heart -plain and simple. With a man of your prestige, I hope I’ll be understood.

I went to that village (Sharkarphung) along with Sacred Heart Parish Pastoral Council Members. We went there to meet the Headman of the Village lo discuss the establishment of the Catholic Church at Leingangching village. At that time. Mr. K. Phungmi was the Headman. In the process of our discussion, at the request of the headman, then and there we wrote our application and submitted the written application to the headman for the establishment of the Catholic Church on 8th Nov. 2009. But later our letter was outrightly rejected by K. Phungmi headman, saying that there shall be only ‘one denomination’ in this village localities, (dated. 21″ Nov. 2009).

Much has been discussed,talked & written about alcohol/liqour & its good side & bad side. It is said that prostitution and alcohol is as old as mankind itself. Though everybody knows the ill-effects of drinking & of becoming an alcoholic, it can not just be wished away by imposing prohibition or by brute force as can be seen in the state of Manipur.

People rejoice at the dawn of the BJP-led coalition Govt. with Shri N. Biren as the people’s chosen CM of Manipur for good. People had high expectations in the new Govt. In just 100-day-old or so governance, there has been tremendous happiness all over, leave aside developmental achievements one can see, especially with the setting up of historic People’s Day (Meeyamgi Numit), Hill Leader’s day, Anti-Corruption Cell, Fast Track Court, Public Grievances Cell, etc, etc.

With regard to the circulated new pattern in the MCSCCE syllabus, conducted by the MPSC which have been doing its rounds in the social media, we would like to bring to your attention some of the views concerning the civil service aspirants of the state. Following are some points we would like to highlight to the MPSC on change in the syllabus.
1) The ‘no optional’ (or one optional only in sync with the present UPSC pattern) giving major emphasis on GS will be a welcome move and a long overdue reform. It will definitely bring in more fairness in competition. It is also to our knowledge that there is no scaling (normalisation) of marks obtained in optional subjects by the MPSC giving room for a lot of subjectivity. What has been all these years was “I did masters in public administration. You did masters in computers, now come fight me, I will beat you black and blue”. Instead, if we have a common ground, where there is no optional papers or the weightage of optionals is reduced it will be like “Now we have only common subjects alien to u as much as to me, lets fight a fair fight.”