As far as mass suicide of farmers are concerned since decades due to lack of irrigation facilities, loss of crop and torture of unscrupulous money-lenders; the Western states of Maharashtra and Gujarat lead us from the front! Yet these two very states get religiously projected as epitomes of “modernity” and “development” by focusing on the glittering flyovers, shopping malls, multiplexes, sky-kissing towers, high-end apartments and highly corrupt but vulgar rich industrialists and businessmen of Mumbai, Nagpur, Pune, Ahmedabad, Baroda and Surat. This very hypocrite and heartless stance on the part of vested interests directly prove that not the unfortunate farmers or poor lot; but only the rich urban elite of the metropolitan cities matter the most in “progressive” “developed” India and let the others go to the dogs!

It is extremely sad! Life of a young and promising sportsperson at his 17 years best was the latest victim as a cyclist in the fast growing Imphal capital city. Shijagurumayum Rishikanta, second son of Sh Nilamani and Hemabati of Khurai Thangjam Leikai was mowed down by a speeding Prisoner Van on 17th June, 2017 at Minuthong Bridge. Rishi was out to repair his cycle with a friend on that fateful day.

We had visited Khadi Expo on 2nd April, 2017 at GM Hall, Imphal Bazar. One of the stalls that attracted us the most was the IMA CHENGHI stall of M/s Holistic Enterprise, Sangaiprou Imphal. Why did that IMA CHENGHI attracted us? Yeah, there are reasons behind this.

Congratulations! on behalf of “Society for Peace and Development” (SOPD), Kangpokpi District, Manipur, for your dramatic victory: forming and becoming the first ever BJP government and BJP Chief Minister of Manipur. Hon’ble Sir, oppositions were agitated, worried and upset but the common people like me were curious but now in a mood of jubilation after your government sailed-through all tides and storms (floor-test/show of strength-with 33 Hon’ble MLAs proved their trust on you and solidarity on your government). Sir, your Government under your judicious headship will remain as annals for the state and her people. Once again, Congratulations.

It is high time the society tries to appreciate the real significance of education. Mere earning of degree does not necessarily make a person educated. And one can also become truly educated without completing school education, attending college or pursuing higher education. There exist innumerable “educated” persons in the society who are racist, communal and intolerant to the utmost, get engaged in “honour” killings, regard the fairer sex as “inferior” to the menfolk or superstitious.

Madam Governor,
I have been privileged to have interacted with two former Governors of Manipur, Shri Ved Marwah and Dr. S. S. Sidhu (both have studied in the same college where I also studied) in New Delhi. Shri Ved Marwah gave me a trophy of being the best cadet, in academic, during my school days at Sainik School Imphal.