To the Muse

Herojit Philem

The night is dark
As if there is no luminous object
Yet, I climb up the steep mountain…

Best Christmas Wishes

Shongminthang Haokip

Christmas wishes
That we all wishes for
Is in your heart deep inside
‘The Memory’

That you cherished …

Cry Of A Dying River…58

Rajendra Kshetri

I am no longer the river I was once
Don’t cry my city dwellers
You are strong enough …

Tribute to an Angel

Debina Sanasam

Morning comes as it has to
And day also passes as usual
But you were no more
Where …

Tom and Jerry Retold

K Radhakumar

Tom and Jerry
Never, never watch themselves on screen.
The whole thing looks very simple
But it is …

Cry Of A Dying River…57

Rajendra Kshetri

I am no longer the river I was once
The river that flows in the land of peculiar …

Thy name

Debina Sanasam

On a quiet dark night
She comes on a tip toe
She resides in the dark
But is …

War and Peace

K Radhakumar

A troop of people
Braving the brave new world
Of gathering storm
Throng into the sports stadium
And …

A wounded Pine Tree

Herojit Philem

A wounded pine tree stands
Resisting the wind
Its image flew not away from my mind
Villagers with …