Heart Lotus

White lotus cute face,

With bright eyes fish,

face fitted hairstyle, blacky,

hanger like body,

Handy brickbuilt teeth.

Ripe apple …

Cradle of Smile

Oh! Darling, my darling

Your smile- uncomparable

To blossoming rose

Nor to night sky-glittering.

Oh! Darling, my darling

Aroma of …

The clock just ticks away

Time! Ultimate elusiveness of all mysteries

“Destroyer of the worlds” is thy name,

What the Gita says, I can’t repudiate.…

Farmer-la one

Weep not lonely farmers in green attire,

Where the car meets the eonomy in the burning tyre,

Clueless and motionless …

The Call

I cannot reach the place

I see it only in dreams.

When I shall return to my hill?

To live …

Suffering Human

I’m a human being like you,

Just like everyone else.

I deserve the love and care,

I deserve the respect …

A Poor Poet

Some words to jot

Of joy and happiness

In my smiling heart, I have.

Some words to jot

Of motivation …

The Lady With The Machete

People would say beauty, the greatest gift of life:

I dare not for I’d seen none,

Until, I came across …

Architecture of attraction

Rosy cheeks, lips in red

And her outfit soignee,

A visage of arresting beauty.

She moved along with feline grace……

Few years since

Wailling for mom’s lap, we came

Sat in nursery class

Unknowing the tongue, we lame.

Today, after decade stay

Longing …

All is well

Corruption prevails

Development fails

Road with potholes

Nearby,broken poles.

All is well

This I tell

Of my state

This, our …

In cloudy days

The expanse above limitless,

Flawlessly blue once.

Life, a bed of roses…

Nature, a pleasure…

The trees were green,

And …

A Kick from Heaven

Listen, the clock’s hands ticking

Pulling you to your fenural.

Heaven enjoys frigthening you

To hell he’s kicking.

Behold, the …